What Is The Database Market? Types And Important Application

The market for databases is expected to grow in terms of financial benefits, according to results obtained from opensource database platforms. The data volume of the corporate database market is expected to further increase which will additionally impact the need for strategic planning in handling the database market.

Concept Of A Database System And Commonly Found Examples

A database is a well-organized set of data and a database management system supports the storage and manipulation of data after it is saved. It is proven that having a collection of databases make organizational management simplified. For instance, having an online telephone directory uses the database to store data concerning phone numbers, professions, and people in a certain geographical area, along with other contact details, etc. Similarly, electricity providers use an extensive set of databases which allows them to plan and manage billings, feedback and complains given by the clients, and in handling commonly occurring faults.

Changes Governing The Present Database Market

Due to the continued and vigorous expansion in the database market, major companies across the globe are capitalizing on 3 major database market trends namely: the increase in demand for SQL databases, a rise in the application of NoSQL type of database; and the on-going heavy migration of data containers over cloud which are critical to businesses.

It is a multi-cloud as well as a hybrid-cloud market. The applications of database management systems and other software in creating effective and convenient databases are in trend. The cloud is portable, but databases are not, so major giants are increasingly linking their database threads over the cloud. In spite of it being a risky step towards making their data prone to getting breached and stolen, cloud services provide globalized access to data.

Companies falling under Fortune 500 are observed to have started to re-platform the data layer for scalability, developer friendliness, and cloud-neutrality.

How Facebook Uses Its Database

The social media giant Facebook makes use of database management systems extensively and most innovatively. The data of Facebook users, for instance, is categorized to ease operations pertaining to advertisements, finding ‘friends’ and other accounts, and formulating Facebook messenger groups, among others. This is widely done by storing and manipulating the existing data of Facebook users.

Trends In The Database Market

Few of the trends governing the database market include a faster migration of corporate databases over the cloud, an increase in the simplification of the database software which is being used in businesses, collection and transfer of data sourced from multiple devices and locations into a common database system in real time, simultaneous usage of SQL and NoSQL technology, simplification and an increase in the user experience of the database software so that employees in the organizations can access the database on a regular basis, and an automated analysis of the stored database into usable information.

As an emerging trend, predictive and automated decision-making service in the database management services are also taking place. With an apparent shift to mobile-based websites and applications, a major amount of data across the globe is being generated through mobile phones. This is compelling organizations and corporates to employ mobile-friendly database management systems.


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