Knowing Beautiful Places Of Raja Ampat

Knowing Beautiful Places Of Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is a series of islands adjacent to each other, rather there are 4 islands. The islands are included in Raja Ampat, West Papua.

Raja Ampat now is a tourist destination, especially for those who love diving. Here are some interesting diving spots, among others, on the island of Misool, Salawati, Waigeo, Batanta.

Most communities in Raja Ampat have livelihood as fishermen who inhabited the small village and live far away or even different island. Raja Ampat community is very friendly, especially when receiving guests from outside. In addition they also still be able to live in harmony despite embrace different beliefs (there are Christians and Muslims).

The archipelago has a great tourism potential, especially for diving. Raja Ampat is recognized as one of the dive sites of the 10 best dive sites in the world. Flora and fauna are considered to be very comprehensive. With the best reef area in the archipelago.

Raja Ampat is an open sea along the beach with small islands that surround the coast this, indeed have a suitable place for tourists diving or snorkeling to see a variety of coral reefs are still awake beauty. For this, travelers need to prepare everything well, like snorkeling gear. (See also: preparation for a getaway to the beach)

These waters save at least 1,000 species of hard coral fish, 540 types of hard coral and 700 species of molluscs. So 75% of coral species in the world are in the waters of Raja Ampat, and no waters with coral broadly similar amounts as in Raja Ampat. Some species can we find here, is the manta rays, sea horses dwarf, and wobegong.

Here are the hallmarks of Raja Ampat travel:

Various fun activities besides diving

Indeed, Raja Ampat is famous as a paradise for divers. But no one would dive on, is not it? And there is also a rating for non divers who would wish to enjoy the beauty of Raja Ampat. In addition to diving, some of the exciting activities we can do here, namely:

  • Birdwatching paradise;
  • Hike Wayag (cluster karst);
  • Photography for a hobby;
  • Hunting Papua handicrafts and souvenirs. When in Sorong do not forget to buy a roll of shredded delicious taste. Great size with a diameter of 10 cm and shredded abundant and can be purchased along Ahmad Yani and Domine Eduard Osok.
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