Light It Up: 5 Tips To Provide Your Bathroom The Perfect Lighting

Light It Up: 5 Tips To Provide Your Bathroom The Perfect Lighting

Bathrooms can pose an interesting challenge when it comes to its lighting design. Like any other rooms in your home, bathrooms necessitate a practical and functional lighting solutions for it to aid you in whatever task you are doing.

When you are grooming, for instance, a well-placed light can make you pull off the right physical look you want for yourself. With too little light, there’s a possibility that it can break your outfit. And too much light and improper placement can give you glare issues.

Aside from the fact that you should think of the practical side when it comes to bathroom lighting, you should also consider how lighting can make your bathroom look stylish and beautiful. So what lighting basics and solutions you have to pick to attain these two purposes of bathroom lighting? Here are some bathroom lighting tips you need to consider.

Light It Up: 5 Tips To Provide Your Bathroom The Perfect Lighting

Get It Right with Your Task Light

Proper task lighting at your vanity mirror is important because it is the light by which you can see yourself better.

For a good vanity room light, it is advisable to mount a pair of wall sconces at eye level on either side of the mirror. Wall sconces will do an excellent job of casting an even light across your face and providing a shadowless illumination. In doing this, you can provide yourself the right light for shaving, toothbrushing, and makeup application.

Avoid adding light fixtures above the mirror. For example, installing recessed lighting in the ceiling casts an intense light onto your face and throws dark shadows below your nose, eyes, and chin.

Don’t Forget the Ambient Light

Ambient lighting serves as a fill-in light when your bathroom does not allow natural light to come into it. Ambient lighting is a central fixture installed at the ceiling to light the perimeter of the space.

For ideal ambient light fixtures for your bathroom, it is advisable that you choose a pendant lamp or a chandelier. Chandeliers and pendant lights will not only deliver the perfect illumination, but it will also prove to be an elegant decor to your bathroom. You can look for stylish and high-quality chandeliers in sites like LampTwist for this.

Highlight Important Aspects in your Bathroom with Accent Lights

If you have an artwork such as a painting displayed in your bathroom, accent lighting will highlight it best. Similarly, a recessed light fixture directed at a lovely tilework or other bathroom essentials in your shower will accentuate their existence and make them sparkle.

Consider Using Dimmers

Dimmers are ideal options for your bathroom lighting because they allow absolute control over the amount of light you should cast, and thus the mood that it creates.

For instance, in a small space like a powder room, dimming the light can provide both task, accent, and ambient lighting. Aside from that, dimmers let you save energy and money on your electricity bill.  

Above all That, Safety First

Even if you want your bathroom to assume elegance by adding to it the right lighting, you should not forget the importance of safety. You should always keep in mind that water and electricity are still dangerous companions. Thus, it is important to consult an electrician before you install lights in your bathroom.

It is advisable that you have ground-fault circuit interrupters. GCFI is an efficient circuit breaker designed to cut off electricity in the event of a ground-fault by as fast as 1/40 of a second.


Bathroom lighting is an important option to consider in home improvement planning. Aside from the fact that light aids us in whatever activities we do in the bathroom, it also provides style and elegance to it. Thus, it is essential that you know of these different lighting tips for your bathroom.

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