Why Are Wooden Hangers The Biggest Idea For Your Closet?

Why Are Wooden Hangers The Biggest Idea For Your Closet?

You have probably heard about the old proverb: all men are created equal. Yet all hangers are not created equal. Wooden hangers are generally recommended by the closet organizers and designers since they don’t cause wrinkling or damage clothing. But, this is not the sole reason for using wooden hangers for your closet. Admittedly, there are loads of reasons why the choice of wooden hangers is the best. Illustrated below are few reasons:

First of all, wooden hangers are better for clothing than their wire counterparts. Compared with wire hangers, these are designed for all of your clothing.  Since they are made with those special clips for slacks and skirts, they would purposively designed for preventing wrinkles, which would surely reduce your amount of ironing and extend the life of your clothing. Furthermore, they are ideal for winter clothes. You know that winter coats are little heavier and will put a great deal of weight on your wire hangers, resulting in the damage and breakage of wire hangers.

Secondly, wooden hangers are better to adjust and handle. Because of the design of structure and material, wire hangers are supple and are likely to bend under the weight of clothing they are holding. Under any circumstances, the wooden ones will not go the same way. Furthermore, it tends to be used in the sense that it could support a complete outfit. Instead of using a separate hanger for each outfit, it is convenient to hang a whole set of garments on a single wooden hanger. This saves your closet space. It also ensures that your clothing lasts significantly longer than when you use a wire hanger.  This is especially important when you keep fine articles of clothing in your wardrobe.

Thirdly, wooden hangers are cost effective and practical. As they will last pretty longer than the plastic or wire hangers, you do not really need to replace them constantly. This results in a significant reduction of your time and money. Apart from that, with wooden ones you get a fancy hanger that is aesthetically pleasing. With wooden ones, you can definitely add beauty to your closet. Special clothes always deserve to be hanged on the style of a special hanger. Wooden hangers are better for clothing and also look nicer than plastic or wire hangers . They not only look impressive but very durable as well.

Last but not the least; wooden hangers are eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly wooden hangers you move one step further to save the eco-system as well. People have a tendency to throw the plastic and wire hangers frequently when they are damaged or useless. On the other hand, wooden hangers are seldom thrown out. Because of their durable nature, they will last longer than other hangers. As wooden hangers are generally regarded sturdy and enduring, they will add little to landfills as compared to other hanger materials. This is the fact why these hangers are kept longer and are sturdier. It is a fact that you will not find much wooden ones in landfills.

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