Key Steps In Selling A Totaled Car

Key Steps In Selling A Totaled Car

Every car owner knows one or two things about having his car totaled. If it has never happened to you, then at least you know someone who has had his car totaled. The dilemma is usually what to do with the car and how to ensure that you get real value in the market. In case you find yourself with a totaled car after an accident, here is what you need to know about selling a totaled car.

There are dealers who specialize in buying any car that is damaged, wrecked, junk or used. They collect cars from customers who intend to sell their cars on the same day and make payments instantly. A credible dealer with experience and excellent customer care provides a network of service yards in vast states like California. With hundreds of collection sites, it is easy, cheap and convenient to deal with any totaled car. A comprehensive online system enables you to access the services from any location.

The convenient online process will help clients who want to sell their cars from any location. You can make inquiries about selling used, junk or totaled cars through online services like Sellthecars. Once you find yourself with a totaled car after an accident and you intend to sell it, there are several steps you need to follow.

Recognizing that a Car is Totaled

The first thing you need to consider before selling a car as totaled is to recognize that your car is a write-off. Insurance companies normally use the term totaled to refer to a car that will cost the company more money to repair the car than the value or worth of the car. You need to have your car examined in order to ensure that it is classified as totaled beforehand. Since you don’t intend to sell it to the insurance company, an accredited dealer will inspect the car for you.

Retrieve the Car

Once the car has been classified as a write-off, you can sell it as a salvage car. The junk removal company will buy the vehicle and salvage it. This means that you don’t have to engage the insurance provider or sell it to the insurance provider. Once you have received payment for the salvaged car, you will have relinquished the right to do anything with the car. Legally, you do not own the car anymore.

Get a Salvage Certificate

After salvaging the car, it is taken to the DMV in your State so that you can get a fresh title for the car. The DMV will issue a salvage certificate in place of the old title. The salvage certificate is vital since regardless of the condition that the car is restored to, it shall always be classified as a salvage, totaled car.

Selling the Car 

Once you have the salvage certificate, you can proceed with selling a totaled car. You can receive payment from accredited dealers who have numerous collection sites across the U.S. You will receive the entire agreed payment for the car on the same day without any delays.

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