Meet Darjeeling’s Pretty Cousin: Kurseong

Meet Darjeeling’s Pretty Cousin Kurseong

Famous as the ‘Land of White Orchids’, Kurseong is a hill station found near Darjeeling, famous for its waterfalls, Buddhist gompas and quaint temple complexes, apart from the amazing vistas that the spot provides. It’s impossible not to look all starry eyed at the beautiful vistas of tea manors, lavish green woodlands in the all encompassing setting of snow-clad mountains. At nightfall, you can see an amalgamation of the most delightful hues in the sky. You can see the British reminiscents as houses of worship and school in the town. This little hill town makes for an awesome stopover for vacationers searching for a more tranquil option close by Darjeeling.

If you are still looking for lodgings and Darjeeling tour package cost, then hold on! Have you heard of Kurseong? One pretty place near this charming hill station, that is not very much known to the world outside, and even in our own country, but surely a blissful retreat in the greens around Darjeeling! Here is a compressed manual, highlighting the essential details of this beautiful and offbeat hill station of West Bengal, called Kurseong. Have a look!

Kurseong’s wide open green expanses resemble a page from a photo book. Swaying fields packed with tea ranches; and green slopes dotted intimately with conifer woodlands. The lavish tea manors that are put over the slopes – like the Castleton Tea Estate or the Jungpana, Ambotey or Makaibaru – are fascinating spots to visit.

Despite the fact that Darjeeling is more prominent as a tourist spot, Kurseong too has its share of admirers. Rabindranath Tagore, for instance had constantly favored Kurseong than Darjeeling and some of his renowned lyrics and additionally tunes have been formed here. Different lights incorporate renowned painter Abanindra Nath Tagore, composer Atul Prasada Sen and Sister Nivedita. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose too was interned here for couple of months. It is likewise believed that Mark Twain, the popular American creator, additionally spent couple of months in Kurseong.

Kurseong is one of the main two spots where you can savor the bona fide Muscatel natural tea. Consequently, it is highly unlikely that you can miss this uncommon refreshment while you are here. Alternate claims to fame incorporate Thukpa Noodle Soup and steamed momos at the roadside stalls. You can also try the neighborhood beverages, for example, Channg and Tongba and additionally, taste a portion of the finest assortments of Darjeeling tea, found in the area.

Meet Darjeeling’s Pretty Cousin Kurseong

Darjeeling offers satisfactory lodging alternatives for individuals who needs to spend their holidays or weekends here, as opposed to in Darjeeling. Among them, WBTDC vacationer lodge at Kurseong, Cochrane Place, which is really the restored home of Percy John Cochrane and Makaibari Tea Estate, which likewise offers settlement to the sightseers, request uncommon notice. Some different lodgings are Amarjeet Hotel, Hotel Delhi Durbar, Hotel Kurseong Palace, Sunrise Resort, Astha Hotel and Restaurant and so on. So while you are looking for packages, make sure that the Darjeeling tour packages cost is inclusive of a trip to Kurseong, if you do not wish to visit it solely. Otherwise, Kurseong is a sublime place in itself to soothe those throbbing nerves and stir your soul for some good!

Have an amazing trip!

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