Dancing Star Foundation For Preserving Biodiversity In New Zealand

Dancing Star Foundation For Preserving Biodiversity In New Zealand

There are many sanctuaries that give a natural home to animals and birds of the area. The Stewart Island preserve is mostly for the native animals, reptiles and birds of the area. The island is being made predator free and the whole ecological preserve is divided into different floral regions.

There is the forest of the Podocarp broadleaf trees and the area where the Coprosma grows along the coastal regions, the area where the ferns and fuchsia grows and the grassy areas. There are different native trees that cover the forest areas. The Department of Conservation works with the authorities of the Stewart Island preserve and has got some community conservation programs to follow up within the island.

Fences Keep Off Predators

There are different areas where the plants of the land grow and these are maintained with a lot of care and love. The large mainland is the place where most of the species live and this area is cordoned off with electronically monitored fences. These fences keep off predators that are native of the land and the others that do not belong to the area. The ecologically engineered fence is protected from different extreme weather conditions and these are manned by different people. The network of televisions screens that show the activities in the fenced off areas are looked at by different people from the sanctuary. They check out different animals who try to break in and they also make arrangements to keep them away.

Modern Communication and Monitoring

The sanctuary maintained by the Dancing Star Foundationhas got video surveillance, effective communication is done through telephone and satellite phones. There are teams that look after the preserve and take steps whenever there is a threat to the life of the species living in there. The monitoring of the work and the re-vegetation of the forest lands are the other work of the staffs looking after the preserve. This refuge is not for the public to enjoy often but is considered to be the sole haven of the animals and birds living in the forests.

Attractions for the Visitors

There are other attractions of the island that you can enjoy when visiting New Zealand other than visiting the preserve. You will find the warm water from Great Barrier Reef moving around the Stewart Island and these waters harbour different water animals. You can enjoy diving in these waters and find different types of fishes, mllusca and crustaceans. You can also go for fishing in the different areas popular for the purpose. There are Blue cod and cray fish for your catch and paua fishes are also found moving in the waters. The catches are controlled and there are fish farming of Salmon and oysters.

Hunting Blocks for Visitors

These dense forests in the island offer hunting option for the people visiting the place. You can find deer and other small animals that you are allowed to hunt. There is the National Park at Raikura that has some hunting blocks and other such blocks are there under the supervision of Raikura Maori trust.

The animals that are protected from the predators in the island can find themselves to be growing in numbers. The non-native predators and other such harmful areas for the species preserved within the sanctuary will soon become non-existent and the Dancing Star Foundation  ecological preserves and will improve the biodiversity of the world.

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