Understanding The Various Types Of Bikini Waxing

Understanding The Various Types Of Bikini Waxing

We can classify Bikini waxing into four major categories. These include American Waxing, French Waxing, Brazilian Waxing and Full Brazilian Waxing. However, it is important to understand the procedure of Bikini waxing before discussing each of them at length.

Understanding The Various Types Of Bikini Waxing

The first step is to apply talcum or baby powder on the area you want to wax. This will make sure that the hot wax does not stick on your skin. Allow the wax to harden a bit before you can apply it on the area. Apply the wax on the area and use a waxing strip to spread it on the entire surface. Thereafter, use the stripping to remove the wax in the direction of hair growth. This will remove all the unwanted hair from the anus, buttocks, and bikini area. The wax also removes the dead skin that is underneath the skin surface. Use tweezers to remove any stray hair that remain behind. The results of Bikini waxing can last you for six weeks. The next step discusses the four main types of waxing longmont co bikini waxing.

American Waxing

This process entails removing unwanted hair under the navel and at the top of the thighs. Some people refer to it as the basic bikini waxing. In this case, strip wax is better than hard wax and you have to apply it over the whole labia. You also use a small applicator to develop an even clean line. You apply the wax in the direction of hair growth. You can apply a second application because the pubis has coarse hair that normally grow horizontally. After the wax cools, pulls it against the hair growth direction. You have to lift your legs to allow the expert to work on the hair that is below the table.

French Waxing

This treatment leaves a vertical strip that is two or three fingers in width in the front section that is above the vulva. You can also refer to this procedure as a partial Brazilian wax. This style allows you to remove the hair that is on the labia or peri-anal area. You can also refer to this treatment as G-waxing or playboy wax. The approach of the French wax is similar to that of the Brazilian wax. You have to remove all hair on the lower and surrounding parts of your genitalia. The waxologist leaves behind a hair strip on the upper section. You have to remove all the hair on the buttocks and thighs depending on your personal preferences.

• Brazilian Waxing

This is one of the widely used bikini waxing style. It removes nearly everything back to front but leaves behind a very thin hair strip on the pubis. This type of Bikini waxing can be seen to be extreme. You will have to remove unwanted hairs from the areas adjacent to the anus, vulva, and buttocks. The other names for the Brazilian waxing is Sphinx, Hollywood wax or Bikini wax. Brazilian waxing entails labia and the region that extends to the buttocks. After words, you can remove all the stray hairs using tweezers.

Full Brazilian Waxing

This type of technique is not very popular on the market because most clients consider it to be extreme. This waxing style leaves behind a small hair strip that is referred to as a cavado to mean ‘to miss peripheral material.’

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