How To Get The Best Christmas Catering Services

How To Get The Best Christmas Catering Services

We all love the idea of holding parties and special events, especially now that the holiday season is two weeks away. From the special meals and appetizers to the desert menu, people love food, especially if the meals are professionally done. However, the idea of feeding your guests is not always as exciting because it’s no easy task. Feeding your guests requires the special services of a caterer and a good one for that matter. So, it does not matter how many people you will host. What is important is that the team of professionals you hire to tend to your guests and make them remember how perfect of a host you are. This article highlights the key aspects to finding a good caterer for your special Christmas event.

  1. Internal Referrals

Nothing spreads faster than word of mouth, especially by family members. That could be your step to the perfect Christmas or birthday party. When hosting that Christmas party, ask your family and friends about a caterer they have brushed shoulders with before. From their menus to their experiences, and even their service charges, if your family enjoyed the caterer’s services, you could consider trying them.

  1. Interview Your Caterer

One of the core aspects of a special event is the chef. It is vital for you to call the chef for an interview. Find out the type of food they prepare by researching their client base. That should lead you to their history and customer reviews. Consider their charges for parties including their skills on food presentation. As you interview, ask for sample menus to gauge their ability and taste. This offers you a chance to see them in action.

  1. Call References

There are references contacts on the applicant’s resume, right? Go on, call the references. Most employers ignore the references. Call them to counter check the services the caterer is claiming to have provided for them. You might appreciate the feedback and insight. This will confirm your caterer’s story. If the references prove good services, well for you. Failure to call the references can leave you disappointed because maybe the experience highlighted is nonexistent.

  1. Budget

Before you call the caterer for an interview, please settle on a budget.   Evaluate your demands by determining the variety of food and services you need. If you have a juice and biscuit budget, do not approach the caterers with a sushi and prawns menu. Of course, your food budget is probably going to be higher than what you expect, because catering involves more than just a chef. I mean, your chef needs an assistant, and your food will not serve itself, yes? So even as you work on a budget, try to overestimate it. Besides, most catering firms charge a regular service fee known as the service charge. Therefore, exceed your budget.

  1. Sanitation and Hygiene

Sanitation and hygiene remain key elements in the food industry, therefore it is important for you to check the history of the caterer and ensure that the team is has a clean bill of health for food preparation.

Well, there you have it. If you are the host for this year’s Christmas and you are wondering how to handle it, refer to the above tips for an excellent choice of a caterer. Rest assured. Your guests will always remember your hospitality, thanks to your choice of chef and caterer!

Written by bleu events, one of the top caterers Columbia, MO has to offer.

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