4 Amazing Interior Design Tips for Your 1 BHK Flat in Mumbai

Anyone who has dealt with a small flat knows of the challenges that come along with living in one. It doesn’t mean, however, that its carpet area can’t be designed or beautified such that its space can be utilised optimally. While some people have a natural eye for designing, others need a bit of inspiration or perhaps help from someone who has gone through it all to gather an insight about where to hang that new wall art they bought on a whim.

One thing is sure, though, that with correct planning and forethought, even the most cramped spaces can be made functional and striking.

No matter whether you own a 1 BHK flat in Mumbai that needs lightening up or a studio flat which can do with a cunny layout, here are some of the secrets right from the experts to help you with all your interior design needs-

1. Opt For Lifted Lighting

In tight spaces lighting solutions that hang in the air work the best. Consider wall sconces by the couch and let your bed glow with pendant lighting options. However, if recessed lighting is what you prefer for illumination, make sure to add in a few floor or table lamps that cast subtle light onto the ceiling as well. Ensure not to lean on recessed lighting entirely; especially in the case of 1 BHK flat as the same can make your space appear smaller.

2. Consider A Unifying Color

While experimenting with different coloured paints on individual walls of the same room might work for flats that are not space restricted, covering all the walls in a single colour can make a tight space appear larger. When checking out your paint colour palette, opt for hues that are warm, rich and soft to define the major areas such as the ceiling. Moreover, a unifying colour enhances the coziness of the space. Do add a rug or a small accent piece in the same colour to pull your style together while letting it feel open.

3. Make It Multi-Functional

The wisest decision you can make while designing your space is to invest in pieces that can be utilised for multiple things. Consider investing in multi-functional furniture like nesting tables that double up as a coffee table or a couch that can be converted into a bed when the need arises. Even the tightest of spaces are worth an acclaim, provided you know how to make it flexible and creative.

4. Start From The Ground Up

Designing can get quite overwhelming, especially when you are skeptical about where to start from. It’s always best to start from the ground up. Deciding your floor covering will dictate how other pieces can be placed in the space. In case of neutral tones, you have more freedom to play with different colours and patterns for the upholstery. Beginning with upholstery or sofas, on the other hand, limits your options and style. Hence, it’s better, to begin with, the floor covering first and then add on the layers.

If the home is where your heart is, these tips will ensure that the heart exudes happiness. Do consider them once you have made up your mind to invest in new projects in Goregaon East to increase its resale value or improve the aesthetics, whatever the goal is!

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