Flowers: The Fragrant Companion In Our Lives

Flowers: The Fragrant Companion In Our Lives

Who doesn’t love the sight and scent of flowers? From a 5 year old kid to a 55 year old adult, all have their liking for this beautiful creation of God. Flowers have been in our lives since a very long time and they have always elevated our mind. Because of the innocence and beauty, flowers are our long standing companion in every new thing or auspicious events. Marriage, birthday party celebration, or anniversary, all these events become meaningful only with flowers. Let’s take a look at various flowers growing all over the world and captivating us.

  • Scented Primrose: They grow extensively in European continent. The scent of this beautiful and colorful flower would remind you of some fresh fruit. It is always refreshing to see a primrose right in the morning. You can get flower delivery in Abu Dhabi for your boyfriend/girlfriend on any day just to wish luck for the upcoming day. He/she would be really happy. It’s also easy to grow them at your home. Keeping them in a pot in your balcony would make the balcony look prettier.
  • Plumeria: This flower is also known as Frangipani and it grows well in sub-tropical regions. The strange fact of this flower is that when it blooms in the daytime, the scent is weak but as the day passes and evening or night arrives, the scent becomes a strong one.
  • Autumn Clematis: You must be familiar with the scent of this white flowers because most of the talcum powders have this flower as an ingredient. The scent of this flower would make you remember your dressing table where you have those powders.
  • Ylang Ylang: It is pronounced as eelang-eelang and it grows profoundly in Australian and Asian rainforest regions. The intense tropical climate is conducive for the growth of this flower plant and it is one of the major ingredient in perfume making. If you have this flower in your house, you surely won’t require any room freshener.
  • Nicotina: North and South America is the region where one would find this Nicotina flowers or Tobacco flower, as it is popularly known. The fun factor of this one is that unlike any other fower which blooms in the early morning, Nicotina blooms at noon and its fragrance can be smelt only in the evening.
  • Lily of the Valley: This one is a spring flower and grows really well in moist soil. So, if you are planning to buy this flower plant, make sure you have enough time to water tis plant. The flowers come in the shape of a bell and the color varies from white to pink.

From any flower shop in Abu Dhabi, get some of these flower plants and grow in your garden for a soothing view.

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