Types Of Illuminated Signs For Business

Types Of Illuminated Signs For Business

If you’ve got your heart set on upgrading your sign to an illuminate one, we’ve got bad news for you. Ok, so it’s not really bad news as such, but what we’re trying to say is that the process isn’t as simple as just clicking a button and having your sign delivered. First, you need to decide which type of illuminated signage you want. This is fairly easy, and shouldn’t take you long to do. To help, we’ve detailed several of the most popular below.

Types Of Illuminated Signs For Business

LED Signs

LED signs are, you guessed it, illuminated using powerful LED lights. Many of the famous signs you see every day are made using LED bulbs.

The great thing about an LED sign is it’s extremely bright while also being energy-efficient. LED bulbs have a reputation for being highly effective, but also cheap to run.

Channel Letters

If your logo is made up of letters like the Subway logo, you might want to opt for channel letters for your illuminated sign. Channel letters are letters made out of acrylic that have an external light source lighting them up.

This type of illuminated sign is definitely one of the most popular. It looks sensational, and is easy to create and implement. Next time you see a worded sign on a shop that appears to have light running through it, know this is probably an example of channel letter signage.

Monument Signs

Large buildings such as offices and hotels often have monument signs near the car park or just outside the building. These signs stand alone from the business sign itself, and can be illuminated or not. While not popular with every type of business, monument signs do look great when used in the right setting. Of course, it’s not too difficult to make one of these signs light up in the dark, so if that’s what you want, simply tell your sign creator.

If you’d like to take a look at a monument sign in your local area, why not drive passed a private senior citizen community, or maybe a medical establishment. The sign fitted in brick or in a large metal casing is a monument sign.

Sign Cabinets

Sign cabinets aren’t used as frequently as they used to be. More effective illuminated signs for business have come onto the market, making this type feel a little outdated. Still, it has its uses, especially if you’re working in a conservative field or are on a low budget.

This sign works by lighting up a box with words or a logo printed on the front. While not as useful as a business’ main sign, this type of sign is still useful to indicate where exits are as well as bathrooms. If you’ve been in a store and have seen a sign pointing to the changing rooms, it’s likely this was a sign cabinet at work.

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