5 Locations Where Your Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Will Shine

A waterproof Bluetooth speaker is a pretty useful device to have on hand. You can set it down anywhere you want, and you don’t have to worry about water seeping in and messing it up.

But where, exactly, do water resistant speakers really shine? Here are a few places and situations where they’ll do just that:

5 Locations Where Your Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker Will Shine


If you’re buying a waterproof Bluetooth speaker, chances are you’ve seen marketing materials promoting them as shower speakers.

And what’s not to love about the idea? Lots of people sing their hearts out while in the shower. So why not enable your own bath time concert by matching your shower serenades with accompanying music? All you need to do is find a ledge or sink counter to park your speakers, and you’re good to go! Just make sure to set down the speakers on a solid surface before you start showering. Soapy hands are clumsy hands, and you don’t want to fumble around with the speakers when your fingers can’t get a good grip.


Most showers are connected to the toilet, which makes it an even better idea to set up a waterproof Bluetooth speaker in them.

Let’s face it: we sometimes make a lot of nasty sounds when we’re on the toilet. This is especially problematic when we have guests over and the toilet isn’t perfectly soundproofed. Bluetooth shower speakers solve that problem quite handily. Just crank up some tunes, and you’ll be able to mask whatever sounds come out while you’re using the toilet. Of course, there’s always the fun option of just chilling back and singing along to the Bee Gees as you take your sweet time in the bathroom.


A Bluetooth speaker for showers can also serve you well in another area in the house: the kitchen.

You can place your waterproof Bluetooth speakers on a countertop without having to worry about the water getting in where it shouldn’t. Their wireless and waterproof properties also make them pretty easy to wash, as all you need to do is rinse them under the tap when needed. This allows you to more confidently work around the speakers even when your hands are a bit dirty. Just be careful when working around oily, greasy materials. That stuff may be a bit tougher to wash off.


Speaking of dirty, water resistant speakers are great for when you have to work in the garden.

First off, you can lay down the speakers wherever you need them to be – on the ground, on a branch, maybe even on top of a wet bush if the foliage is thick enough. Second, you can work freely without having to worry about sweat hurting your audio equipment. This is a problem with headphones and earphones, but not with waterproof Bluetooth speakers. Once you’re done, you can just rinse off the speakers like nothing was even wrong in the first place.


The same outdoor properties that make waterproofed speakers great for gardening also makes it great for camping.

Fog, dew, snow, drizzles, rain showers, riversides, damp leaves, wet ground – the great outdoors is full of moisture.  Waterproof Bluetooth speakers will work even when exposed to these highly humid environments. This makes them ideal for camping, especially if you pick up the rugged models that can take a knock or two.

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