Crowdsource Software – In Pursuit Of Better Employee Engagement With Improved Outcome

Crowdsource Software – In Pursuit Of Better Employee Engagement With Improved Outcome

The more the merrier – nothing can be more true than this for innovation program managers who are always trying to reach out to more and more people across the organization.  But their efforts had to remain confined within the physical and geographical boundaries of the organization. This was the time when the world had not yet experienced the digital revolution and data management had to be done manually. However, the desire to reach out to the crowd remained.

Then came the age of internet and digital revolution when geographical and physical boundaries were removed and accessibility to people across the globe by sitting at one place became a reality. Innovation managers were quick to latch on to the advantage and started making use of crowdsource software to implement innovation programs on a larger scale. They got a platform to reach out to workmen at any corner of the world without having to move out physically.

Crowdsource Software – In Pursuit Of Better Employee Engagement With Improved Outcome

Contribution of the Software

The purpose of reaching out to more people in seeking creative ideas is to pursue the philosophy of leaving no stone unturned.  You never know where creativity may be hidden and it needs extensive exploration.  The target should be to tap each and every resource from where creative ideas can flow. Crowdsourcing is the most accepted method to reach out to every individual of the target audience and the crowdsource software provides the ideal platform for it.

The entire process from gathering ideas to sorting and from evaluation to implementation has been conveniently mapped in the software. The software has features of managing innovation programs effectively. The best part is that the entire process is visible to all stake holders and this transparency helps to build trust and motivate people to contribute better.

Software Benefits

It is not that the software has only increased the reach. The software enables collaboration and sharing of ideas through better participation. Larger groups can be inducted to reinforce ideas and increase its value. It provides the opportunity of engaging closely with ideas and be motivated for betterment. How the ideas are progressing towards a meaningful implementation can be visualized.

Building Trust

Innovation programs are about extensive participation by workmen who want to know the outcome of their innovative efforts. By seeing what happens to the suggestions and ideas they generate and the way it is handled, they gauge the attitude of the management in implementing the programs. Therefore, there is an element of mutual trust that plays an important role in the success of innovation programs. If workmen see that their efforts are not being treated with sue seriousness, the innovation program will never take off.

By using the crowdsource software, all participants and other stake holders of the program can see every movement of ideas, from the time it is generated till the time it is evaluated and implemented.  This visibility of the process generates the much needed trust that drives the program towards success.

The software has changed the face of innovation programs that now involves more people who do not hesitate to drive it further.

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