A Few Things You Need To Know About STD Testing and Treatment In Houston

Being healthy and safe is every human being’s right and a concern for a lot of people. Being safe while you are having fun is as important as eating healthy. It is possible that while at a night out with friends you found yourself in a compromising situation and the fun element kind of got out of hand. Well, if you are worried its time to go to a clinic for STD testing and treatment in Houston.

Firstly, you need to know what STD is, it is the abbreviated form of Sexually transmitted diseases. A Sexually transmitted disease or STD is caused by intercourse or sexual activity with an infected individual. A few common STDs include HIV Type 1, HIV Type 2, Chlamydia, Genital herpes, Gonorrhea, Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, Trichomoniasis and Syphilis. Another disease that is included in this list is Bacterial Vaginosis. In Houston walk in clinic is a good way to get STD testing and treatment.

So now we will tell you a bit about STD testing. It is a test in which a person submits a fluid sample of urine or blood to a doctor or a lab. Then the doctor or lab runs some tests on the sample also examines it under a microscope, after these scientific processes, the doctor finds a result. This result shows whether or not the person’s body is infected with a sexually transmitted bacteria or virus.

A doctor may order STD testing for a person or a person can order it themselves. In other words, a  doctor’s prescription is not needed to get tested. STD testing can be expensive and affordable depending on how you go about it.

A Few Things You Need To Know About STD Testing and Treatment In Houston

The expensive way to get STD testing done is to visit a physician, pay for the visit and get the doctor to prescribe a test their preferred lab. Then you visit that lab and give a sample for testing and pay for getting the results. This is alright if you have a good insurance provider, however, if you do not have insurance you could find yourself in a spot of bother because that bill can mount up to around a thousand dollars.

The most affordable way is to skip going to the doctor altogether. Go online find a walk in clinic and immediately visit the clinic. This way you save a couple of hundred bucks in doctor’s fees. You will give them a fluid sample and they will run a few tests on them. They will email you the results. A walk in clinic is a good option because you do not have to wait long hours to get an appointment and you can easily get your results at home. Another benefit is that these clinics test people on the basis of anonymity. Your results are strictly confidential. Another affordable way of STD testing is ordering the kit online and doing the testing at home. There are many good websites that allow people to do their own testing.

We understand that I know maintaining good health is paramount. But if you can save money and do it the affordable and more efficient way, it is not a bad thing. If you are sexually active, you should get yourself tested, so in case there is anything wrong with you, it can be treated immediately. Most STDs are curable. You should also understand that leaving a Sexually Transmitted Disease untreated, can lead to lifelong health problems or even death.

If you are worried and feel the need for some STD testing and treatment in Houston, visit  Dr. Cumber, this is a clinic in Houston. For more information, visit their website http://www.drcumber.net/.

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