STRAC Defense Carries Custom Glock Slides from Zev Technologies and Agency Arms

If you are searching for the best and reliable custom Glock slides then you are in the right place. Of course, most of the folks getting confused on choosing the right custom Glock slides then preferring Zev Glocks are the right choice for you. When you go to the official website of STRAC then you can able to obtain a wide array of glock slides at the high quality at the affordable price.   The Zev technologies stainless steel slides were mostly developed along with tighter tolerance in order to improve correct & performance.  Thus, is an option of three choice sight configurations and collection of coating for much custom appearance?  These are top after market slides accessible for Glock.  It is also simple to install as well as machined from the Billet Stainless steel then coated, these slides is a greater addition to anybody glock assortment.   In addition, it is also machine  starts from 17 to 4 billet stainless steel in order to have very tighter tolerances which can a factory slide.

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PVD or DLC coatings provided have a Rockwell toughness rating regarding the factory coatings.  Thus, Zev products always integrate feel, develop as well as result at the identical time.  The Glock slide cut since one of their most famous signature slide cut configurations, the dragonfly eradicates the most quantity of material, when maintaining structural rigidity. This specific slide you will see being utilized in most opposition applications, the windows permit for aggressive styling as improved cooling of the drum.  Glock sight cut, an absolute co-witness RMR cut, the CNC machined RMR mounting position in front of the industry location of the rear sight.  It has positioning posts which take the Trijicon RMR at the middle zero point on the slide.  In addition, the slide comes along with proper mounting screws for the RMR of any type.  The co-witness sights are suggested for purpose along with this cut configurations like as the ZEV co-witness sight set.  The blue Loctite suggestion for proper sight retention on RMR as well as sight set.

STRAC Defense Carries Custom Glock Slides from Zev Technologies and Agency Arms

Agency Arms Slides

In the current market, Glock is one of the famous weapon systems. Since a pistol, it is exact, durable as well as light in weight creating it perfect for several suspicious shooters.   Thus, it could always make use little extra work, which is why a large number of corporations is starting to provide changes pack in order to boost its results. The majority of the corporations concentrate on the competition shooter as well as odds is that is not what you are searching for. Rather than you necessitate choice which is a construct for the modern warrior Agency Arms Slides perhaps the exact corporation to search out.   When you choose STRAC and going to their official website you will able to find out a wide collection of slides at the great quality and durable.  It is the right destination for you to select the slides to save your time and money.

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