Buying Guide Of Maternity Bra – How To Find The Right Pregnancy and Nursing Bras

When you are about to become a mother, the first change that your body starts experiencing is the enlargement of breasts and then your abdominal area, swelling of legs, cheeks, etc. Enhancement of breast size actually is the change in the overall dimension of your bosom. During such cases, it is understood that the bras or camisoles that you regularly use will not be fitting anymore for some months from then on.

In order to help women, who are expecting to balance and support their breasts, the lingerie manufacturers have come up with excellent collections of maternity bra. As the name says, maternity bras are the kind of innerwear, which are exclusively meant for the usage of women, who are in any of the trimester of their pregnancy.

Maternity and Nursing Bras

The wonderful features from such maternity innerwear are that they not only support the bosom, which grows month-by-month, but will also help you with nursing after giving birth. Such non-wired and well fitting bras are designed in such a way that it covers the complete area and also offers extra protection, even when you wear them inside your party dresses.

How to Find the Right Sized Maternity Innerwear

There are many factors that you should consider while planning to shop non underwire nursing bra online. Some are listed below.


Before placing the order, you should measure your breast size. You are well aware that the actual size of your bosoms are not what they used to be before and hence, it is suggested to make a note of your latest size either in centimeters or in inches. If you are not sure about which size to buy, then you can always take help from the experts.

Knowing when to Buy

When you are nursing, your breasts will become plus one or two cups bigger than what they were during pregnancy. Hence, while looking for a maternity bra, make sure to buy plus one-sized pieces, if you are looking in the pregnancy + breastfeeding bra section. By doing so, you can save extra dollars that is otherwise spent on purchasing nursing bras after giving birth.

Fabric Type (for Comfort)

Fabric is one of the important factors that you should consider while purchasing a maternity bra. Look for such pieces that are manufactured with particular fabric type that offers comfortable feeling when worn. Look for pieces with thick and wide straps since thin or noodle straps might be uncomfortable and might also start cutting into the shoulder areas due to the weight of your breasts.

While breastfeeding, it is understood that the bras are more prone to constant dampness from spilling of milk. Hence, look for the pieces that are manufactured using cotton fabrics since they can reduce the chances of yeast infection.

When to Buy One

When you become pregnant, your breast size will not start changing from day one. After few weeks or months, your bosom becomes more sensitive and it will not fit easily into the bra that you already own. When you start feeling discomfort in your regular bra or even feel like the skin layer of your bosom has become more sensitive, it is time to switch to maternity bras.

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