Enroll Your Child In Dayna Glasson Hardin’s Greenwoods Camp For All-round Edutainment!

Is your son an introvert and you would love to see him speak up confidently in front of others? Do you wish to have your child become self-sufficient and self-reliant and at the same time adapt a flexible lifestyle? Do you wish that your child become a little more sociable and learn to make friends and develop better communication skills? The best place where the child shall be able to learn these, and that too under the masterful eyes of experts would be in a summer camp. Not any camp that too, rather, at Greenwoods Camp, Michigan, USA. If you have your son aged between 7 and 15 years and your child is about to have the school closing for the summer, then do send your child to Greenwoods Camp.

The Main Aim and the Reach of the Camp:

The camp is the brainchild of  Dayna Hardin, who herself had spent many summers at her local camp and had learned that true understanding of nature and oneself is by being on your own and that is what today, Greenwoods Camp prescribes to one and all. The camp is located on an idyllic wooded part of Michigan where children can be free and yet be under the watchful eyes of the administrators who run the camp.

The first batch just had over a hundred children enrolling for the camp in 1997 and today, the numbers are steadily on the rise. After all, people have woken up to the fact that these days, it is vital that children get to be in contact with the nature and wilderness as much as possible.

Dayna Hardin supports this and she also believes that being in a camp is a sure way for a child to discover himself and get to communicate with children.

Activities to Bring your Child Out of the Shell:

The child will not feel homesick even for a moment, since he will be surrounded by boys of his age and they all shall be encouraged to participate in all nature related activities and games. The regular games and activities include:

  • Art and Crafts
  • Roller Hockey
  • Archery
  • Team Sports
  • Digital photography
  • Culinary arts
  • Climbing tower
  • Soccer
  • Rowing
  • Sailing
  • Swimming among others

Apart from these, the founder Dayna Hardin who encourages many events like The Amazing Race, Colors day and others are already looked forward to by kids who get enrolled here year after year to spend some quality time meeting new children across the country during summer.

A visit to the local zoo and learning about environment and conservation of nature and discussing survival in the wilderness have been the reason that today, Greenwoods Camp, Lake of the Woods is a well-reckoned name among children in Michigan and beyond.

Children hardly get any chance to meet like-minded boys from their cities or different cities and even different states if they spend their summer indoors playing video games. But at Greenwoods, they get to interact, enjoy and in short, live their age!

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