The No-Excuses Vacation Workout Plan

You’re on vacation, therefore your fitness regimen has been tossed to the wayside, right? Well, yes and no. Certainly, you won’t be visiting your gym as well as your favorite personal trainer. But that doesn’t mean you cannot maintain a workout plan. Make no excuses for yourself: you need to work out and the following can help you stay on course.

First Day

Start your vacation off with enthusiasm by engaging in the following 30-second routines: left side plank, right side plank and general plank. Next, engage in back to back lunges on each side. Conclude with 10 burpees and you’re ready to call it a day!

Second Day

Keep at it by doing push ups, 10 to 15 of them. Follow with 10 burpees, two sets of 25 crunches, and a 30-second plank. End your second day by performing 10 lunges on each side, then give it a rest.

Third Day

Are you tired yet? Now that you’re in vacation mode, it is easy to put off what you know is best for you, namely exercising. Don’t stop now, instead incorporate a new routine including 30 bicycles. You’ll still do all the lunges, planks, and crunches you’ve been doing too. And as for push ups, start off with 10 and then finish up with another 10. Are you sore yet?

Fourth Day

Just as you ended the third day doing push ups, you should begin your fourth day doing likewise. Follow with your plans and lunges, then do 10 burpees. Finish your routine with 50 bicycles or drop that number to 25 and add in another 10 push ups. Evaluate your routine and make changes as needed. You’re keeping it going and you’ll be the happier for it advises Fitness19.

Fifth Day

Is this the day everyone gets up early for deep sea fishing? Be on guard here — you won’t do any exercising if you don’t rise up before everyone else. Don’t let up here — start your day with 10 push ups followed by 10 lunges on both sides. Add in another 30 bicycles, 20 burpees, and conclude with 10 more push ups and you’re ready to grab your line to reel in tonight’s dinner.

Sixth Day

You’ve caught your second wind and are ready to take on the day with gusto! That’s a good thing and your body thanks you for it. Okay, maybe your mind is happy while your body is sore. Here, you’ll want to start things off with 10 push ups, then follow with  30 bicycles.  In succession you’ll do 10 burpees, 10 lunges on your left side, another 10 burpees, then 10 more lunges on your right side. You’re not done yet: finish the day with 10 more push ups. Then go relax.

Seventh Day

Are you tired yet? Well, relax. And I mean relax. There is no exercising on the seventh day other than the cycling, walking, and hiking you may have planned. Give yourself a break and be prepared to get back to your routine on the following day. Your body and mind deserve the chance to relax, so enjoy it.

Good Habits for You

Are you fortunate to have a two-week vacation? If so, simply repeat the first through seventh days to cover the eighth through fourteenth days. You can mix up the order of your routines as you see fit, but don’t eliminate anything — you want to stay on track.

Lastly, we know you’ll cheat on your diet, but that’s to be expected. A binge here or there is nothing. A problem arises if you take on new eating habits, especially habits of the unhealthy kind.

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