Uses of Jute Carpet and How the carpet is originated

Jute fibres are one of the highly cultivated fibres in the world but you want to know about the origin of the Jute fibres, so here it is.

Origin of Jute Fibres

If we look on to the origin of fibres, jute fibres are shiny vegetable fibre, which is spun into a spun and coarse thread, which is further manufactured into a carpet.

It is one of the highly cultivated fibre after cotton. Jute rugs are commonly available but nowadays coir flooring has increased its demands as it is readily available. There are many benefits of the coir flooring like they are strong flooring accompanied by durability. Comparison of coir flooring and jute flooring, jute flooring is most durable and resistant to the weather conditions.

How jute carpets are manufactured?

The manufacturing of the jute carpets are made then they are manufactured from the coir fibre which is produced in Asian countries. It is extracted from the monocarp tissue of the coconut. It is also known as “Future fibres” as it is durable and resistant. It has the advantage of making into geotextiles.

After the jute threads are woven into the carpets. They are one of the most durable and eco-friendly carpets available till now.

Streakiness of the coir carpets can be assumed from the fact that they are almost impervious to the weather conditions. These are made from coconut coir which makes them natural insect repellent and moth repellants.

As improved technology and enhanced designing, the jute fibres which are available in various new patterns and design. It gives your home and office an aesthetic and modern appearance.

 As discussed above, jute carpets are one of the most durable carpets available in the world so it is also a onetime investment for your home or office. They are quite a water resistant as compared to their companions which are sisal and other rugs. These are 100 per cent biodegradable and ideally suited for the high traffic areas.

Jute Carpet – Your personalised carpet for room decor

These areas are main living rooms, dining rooms and in office, these are lobby areas which incursion of people are more and the carpet should have a low maintenance cost. Buy best quality jute carpets from

Apart from being cost friendly, jute rugs and carpets have a unique beauty which gives your living space natural and earthy appearance. This is something which will make a style statement in your home and living space and the natural beauty will be perfect for it. But there are some essential like treating it before fitting is absolutely necessary.

Jute carpet is coarsest of all the carpet and it also provides a high level of grip to the floors. Always opt for the jute carpet as they are strong, soft and quite resistant to the adverse weather conditions.

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