How Surf Camps Can Make Adults or Kids Fit and Healthy?

People can take some break from their busy routine and plan a surfing holiday. Summer is the best season to visit popular Nosara beach and spend time in this surfing paradise. There are surf camps that can make you fit and healthy in a fun way. You will not even realize it.

How surf camps can make you fit and healthy?

As it is outdoors, you breathe clean fresh air. Thus, oxygen intake increases, which enhances your mood. Good mood means less stress. In sunlight, you take in vitamin D, which allows to absorb phosphorus and calcium. Cardiovascular and immune system strengthens because sea air includes more free electrons that neutralizes your body’s free radicals.

Surf camp days start strong

You enjoy a health breakfast at the Bodhi Del Mar’s Surf Camp in Nosara. It helps to stabilise sugar level all day, boosts metabolism, and decreases the risk of binge eating. Eating appropriate calories is helpful but this does not mean you get limited choices. There is plethora of fresh and delicious breakfast options at the surfing camps that prepares you for surfing sessions on the beach.

Surfing strengthens muscles and bones

Surfing is a physical sport and best way to maintain fitness. It is an enjoyable exercise form. It helps to enhance body and mind flexibility and stamina. When you paddle for waves, catch waves, and balance on the board, bones, muscles, and tendons get used.

  • For paddling – biceps, triceps, rectus abdominis, trapezius, obliques, and latissimus dorsi
  • During takeoff – deltoids, biceps, triceps, and pectoralis major
  • For popup – gastrocnemius, gluteals, and quadriceps
  • During balancing – torso rotations

You will certainly notice optimistic effects of surfing on your body.

Yoga is good for mind and body

Nosara is also popular for its yoga studios. Surfers practice yoga to enhance their core strength, flexibility, and surfing performance. Yoga is not just good for surfing but is great for everyone. It works on mind and body. It helps to enhance breathing, strength, energy, vitality, balance, concentration, and stay safe on the waves.

Kids can develop their interaction and cognitive skills

Not just elders or teenagers even kids can break away from school and study to explore nature at surf camps. Kids need to indulge in adventurous activities for refreshing and rebuilding their energy reserves. When children from different states or regions meet at these camps they connect with one another. Along with surfing activities they encourage new friendships and thus develop social skills. Interaction also helps to eliminate mental stress due to academic or home responsibilities.

In this scenario, kids hardly spend their times playing outdoors. They either watch TV or play video games. Limited outdoor exposure can possibly impair their healthy social, physical, and psychological development. At the surf camps they get an opportunity to indulge in social, physical, and psychological activities.

Children explore waters, build sand castles, or go scavenger hunting. They gain practical knowledge about nature and its diversity. They also learn to accept, share, and tolerate. This helps them to feel confident in controlling themselves. It helps to promote their decision-making capabilities.

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