5 Ideas When Choosing Your First Table Tennis Paddle

Choose Table Tennis Paddle


Do you consider playing table tennis as more than just a hobby?

It can’t be impossible regardless of how young or old you are. It may even help with strengthening your mind-and-body coordination as you age. What matters is that you have the passion for the sport.

The main thing to do if you wish to take this leap is to get your own racket. The generic ones you may have no longer suffice as you’ll be training hard from now on.

Check out these five useful ideas when choosing your first table tennis paddle.

1.Look for an all-around blade.


Think of yourself as a beginner all over again. You do not have a signature move just yet, so you need to learn every technique there is. Due to that, you should focus on getting a racket with an all-around blade.

There may be a time when the instructor’s teaching you a slow or fast movement. You cannot know during your first attempt if that’s the style you want to develop until you’ve tried everything else. Thus, it’s important that your first paddle can handle different batting tricks.

2. Check the grip.


No serious player purchases a racket off the internet. It’s not only because they refuse to wait for the delivery, no. Saying that they need to get a feel of it is more appropriate.

The reason is that manufacturers come up with a wide range of grip types. Each of them fits a particular style, and it’s bothersome to get used to one that’s not good for your technique.

3. Be wary of the handle.

Choosing your first table tennis paddle is like meeting a new friend. Most of the time, you know that your friendship will go a long way right after your initial handshake. Well, this is what you should be able to sense when you’re in the store to buy a racket.

The usual handles available are straight, conical, and flared. Just let each option rest on your palms for a bit and see if it feels awkward to hold it. The kind that seems very comfortable is your match.

4. Select a durable rubber.

The rubber that covers the face of the racket cannot last forever. The harder you practice, the faster it may deteriorate. This is why you have to be picky with the type of material that goes on your paddle.

An easy explanation is that there are thick and thin sponges that are more or less two millimeters in height, respectively. The former works best for spins, while the latter allows you gain ball control. Of course, what you choose depends on the technique you have developed.

5. Decide if it’s customized or pre-assembled.


Another decision you’ve got to make when choosing your first table tennis paddle is whether you’ll purchase a pre-assembled or customized racket.

The ready-made ones are what you typically see in sports shops. They are always available, but their durability is quite questionable since you’re not sure how long it’s been on display. The older paddles have aged rubbers, after all, so your game may be affected by that.

The modified rackets, on the other hand, are recommended for those who want to play often or competitively.

Is Choosing Your First Table Tennis Paddle Difficult?

Sure it is if you are going to the store without a single idea of what to look for. Yet, hey, you have five tips here in total; that’s why choosing your first table tennis paddle can’t be hard.

We’d love to hear how this blog has aided you in some way. Let us know in the comments below. Cheers!

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