5 Must- Have Baby Products For The First Year

Other than food, clothes, and diapers, what can a baby possibly need?

This is a question that we often hear from first-time parents. And, to be honest, it is quite a naïve one since there is a lot of stuff that an infant should have.

An example of that is the crystalline feeding bottles. From the studies we’ve seen, the plastic ones from the stores may not be safe because of the chemicals they’re made out of. Hence, the next best solution is to purchase glass baby bottles which do not pose this kind of danger.

The other five must-have baby products for the first year can be found below.

5 Must- Have Baby Products For The First Year

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1.Bottle Warmer

Milk is the main source of vitamins and minerals of the child at this age. It should be lukewarm, however, so that the temperature stays close to the breastmilk that they may be used to. Ensuring this won’t be an issue if the mother’s around all the time, but how about when she needs to resort to pumping or to give formula?

This situation serves as an opportunity to get the best bottle warmer for your baby. The unit can thaw the liquid efficiently and keep it at a constant temperature. It helps you avoid overheating the bottles; that’s why the nutrients in the milk remain intact. You may not be able to find a pediatrician who recommends heating a bottle using the stove or microwave for this reason.

2.Wearable Blanket

5 Must- Have Baby Products For The First Year


A wearable blanket is among the 5 must-have baby products for the first year. It doesn’t seem to be widely popular to the new parents, but one offers more advantages than you think.

On top of the list is the high level of comfortability that it gives to the infants. The blanket covers even their legs and feet, yet it doesn’t constrict their activities. In case they roll to the side while sleeping, it won’t bunch up since the item will move with them. You need not tuck them in after putting them on the bed, so you lower the risks of startling the child awake.

One thing you simply have to mind, though, is the size of the wearable blanket. It’s always better to get a sleeping bag that is larger than your baby. The material matters as well because they should not feel hot in it

3.Baby Monitor

We get that you want to be with your infant 24/7. However, this emotion cannot stop the dishes from piling up or the other family members from needing your attention. This is why you have to install a baby monitor in their room.

The benefit of owning this product is that you can do your chores freely while looking after the child. Not being in the same place as your kid often may even help him to learn how to self-soothe, which is great.

A receiver and a transmitter typically come with this product. You may upgrade it to obtain a video transmitter, but they all function in a similar way.


One of the five must-have baby products for the first year is a highchair.

When the infant’s half a year old, the doctor may suggest feeding them with mashed foods. It will progress until they no longer have to rely solely on milk, so it’s better if they get used to eating on an actual table soon.

There are highchairs that stand alone or can snap on the dining table. Choosing either is fine, as long as it’s easy to clean.

5.Safety Gates

Babies start crawling as early as seven months; that’s why you have to barricade the parts of the house which may be dangerous for them. We’re talking about areas like the bathroom, the kitchen, and the stairs.

The ideal safety gate is pressure mounted. A lot of parents look for this type as it’s cheap and you only have to apply a little effort to set it up. It also does not make use of screws and bolts that may injure the child.

5 Must- Have Baby Products For The First Year


There are so many things that an infant needs, but we’ve narrowed it down to the five must-have baby products for the first year. Hopefully, this list helps you care for your little bundle of joy better. Cheers!

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