How To Pass A Weed Drug Test

As marijuana becomes more popular and mail order dispensaries in Canada pop up, more and more people are having to take a drug test for various reasons. Whether you are taking a drug test for a criminal check, a workplace test, medical examination, or other reason, you probably want to pass this test. Although there are many speculations about how long marijuana stays in the body after being consumed or smoked, there isn’t a clear answer and there are many home remedies that claim to help it clear out faster. Not all remedies are safe, and not all will work for everyone. Fortunately for you, we have put together a few of the most common (and safest) ways to try and pass a marijuana drug test.

If you have never taken a drug test, the test can be done through saliva, hair, blood, or most commonly urine. If you know of an upcoming drug test, it is good practice to abstain from smoking marijuana. If you happen to break this rule, you could try one of the tips below:

  1. Synthetic Urine: One of the most common ways that people pass a drug test is by using fake urine. Synthetic urine is usually used as a ‘practice test’ for drug test machines, and is surprisingly available online. You may have to order synthetic urine a few weeks in advance so that it arrives on time. Another thing to remember is the urine must be warm on the day of the test, or you may be caught.
  2. Detoxing: For those who don’t want to use fake urine, there is a possibility that you may be able to rid your body of any excess THC. While natural detoxing is the best way to clear out your body, this can take a lot of time that you may not have. In order to naturally detox, you also must stop using the substance. Instead of this option, you can use artificial detoxifiers that may be prescribed. These artificial detoxifiers do not clear your system of drugs, but they will mask the drug and create a negative urine test.
  3. Increase exercise and water intake: This option works best if you have at least a week to go before your drug test. If your test is 72 hours or more away, then do not exercise. If you have the time, increasing your exercise and water intake will help release the THC from your fat cells and flush it from your body. Once you reach the 72 hour point before your test, make sure to eat high fat foods which will stop the THC from being re-absorbed into your kidneys.
  4. Consume diuretics: Diuretics are liquids that help you urinate more, and although they do not help the detox process they can temporarily flush the THC out of your bladder, which causes low readings in a urine sample. Diuretics come in natural forms such as in tea or garlic, but can also be taken as a pill. Remember also to drink lots of water up to the day you are taking the test, but not on the day of as your sample could be diluted.

Please note that these methods may not work for everyone, and are not guaranteed. The best way to pass a drug test is to not have drug in your system! Good luck and be sure to use a mail order marijuana dispensary.

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