5 Amazing Places That Have To Been Seen On a Motorcycle

While the season is still warm, you may have been considering breaking out your machine for a long ride. If you have the time and resources, there are certain places that are a must to view from the seat of your motor bike. The following guide will highlight some of the greatest places to log in to your GPS to set in motion a trip that will be one to remember.


Route 66

Known also by the fitting name of the “Mother Road” among avid bikers, this route covers all of 3,939 kilometers of distance that promises some of the most breathtaking sites to enjoy from the Midwest of the U.S. all the way down to the West Coast. It crosses such states as Oklahoma, Kansas, New Mexico, Missouri, Texas, and Arizona. Taking in the ever-changing landscape, you will come across truck stops, Art Deco signs and numerous small communities to stop and chat with the locals who are familiar with the journey that one takes on this long and winding road.


Ruta 40

The longest road in the exotic locale of Argentina, not to mention one of the longest roads in South America in general, Ruta 40 has attracted the attention of bikers from all over the world intending to travel its impressive 5,301 kilometer distance. Given its length of size, those who undertake this challenge should see it as an adventure to be tackled. You will certainly feel as if you are on a never-ending journey, given its stunning sights due to the fact that it runs parallel to the massive Andes, twisting along greenery unlike you’ve ever seen before.


5 Tibet

One of the most difficult routes to overcome but also one of the most rewarding. 5 Tibet runs approximately 3,500 kilometers and connects throughout Lhasa all the way to Kashgar. Gain a sense of connection to the world at large while passing over Dang, where you can catch a clear view of the Himalayas from a vantage point that can’t be found anywhere else in the world.


The South Island

Start and end your 2,100 kilometer stretch in the expansive area of Christchurch. The South Island is known among those who make the trip to New Zealand as the path to Middle Earth. Fitting due to the other-worldly landscapes that flank both sides of the highway.


3 Transalpine

A 2,400 kilometer road that connects from Grenoble in France over to the alps in Italy. A fine way for any traveler on a motor bike to make such a leap. Leave the backpacking to those who want to hoof it and drink in the fantastic sights through France, Switzerland, Austria, and ending in Italy from the comfort of a leather seat.


None of these locations are a trip for the typical tourist. You must have a love of adventure and for the road to really appreciate all the views that these places have to offer while keeping in mind all the safest roads to travel can also be some of the most beautiful to behold.







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