15 Unique and Enjoyable Places to Check Out In South Korea

15 Unique and Enjoyable Places to Check Out In South Korea

Are you looking for ideas to plan a trip to South Korea and want to know more about the country to make your bucket list? Here we are providing a simple idea about the country and the 15 unique places which can add to your bucket list while traveling to South Korea.

When it comes to traveling in South Korea, most people only know about Seoul’s capital and know that it is the only place worth visiting in this country. Occupying the southern part of the Korean Peninsula is South Korea. Unlike neighboring North Korea, South Korea is a comprehensive, engaging, and thrilling destination for travelers.

Big cities like Seoul offer buzz from the urban metropolitan city along with fantastic nightlife and the opportunity to find the latest technological miracles. However, South Korea is also home to beautiful national parks and many places where you can slow down and enjoy the atmosphere.

From the islands off the coast to a frightening border zone in the middle of the Korean Peninsula, there are many things to do, see and explore your next trip to South Korea.

1) DMZ

DMZ, or demilitarization zone, is the boundary area between North and South Korea. This is considered a fire ceasefire zone. While travelers can visit DMZ, all areas of these sites are not safe. The small portion of the DMZ, known as JSA or a shared security area, is open to the public.

In JSA, you can physically stand in North Korea, even though you will be inside the building that also accommodates the South Korean army. You can also visit the North Korean souvenir shop that sells stamps, wine, and currencies from North Korea. Know that the only way to visit the DMZ is on the official tour and guide.

2) Juknokwon

Explore South Korea and enjoy a slow life period. Also known as ‘slow towns,’ It offers various tourist attractions, including the Juknokwon, which cannot be passed for sure.

15 Unique and Enjoyable Places to Check Out In South Korea

Thick bamboo land that has eight different lanes has eight unique themes that you can give. You can find some green tea plantations that grow from dew falling from bamboo leaves. It is known as Jukro tea and it is a quite famous one.

3) Boseong Green Tea Field

With 40% of the total tea produced in Korea, which is made in these famous fields, this place is no less than beautiful beauty by itself, which is also used as a background of many Korean films and dramas.

If you plan to visit this place in May, make sure you don’t miss the Grand Green-Tea Festival or click a picture of a fantastic scene because this place is illuminated with a light bulb during the winter, which is the best time to explore South Korea. This field is one of the best places to visit in South Korea during the summer!

4) Pyeongchang County

This is one place to visit in South Korea to experience tranquility and the beauty of the fantastic scenery. Located in the Taebaek mountains, a beautiful area of ​​180 km from Seoul held a prestigious Winter Olympics in February 2018.

Odaesan National Park is pedestrians’ pleasure with streets riding on mountains, while Alpensia and Yongpyong ski resorts. Popular with skiers and snowboarders. The hills are also home to many beautiful Buddhist temples. This place is one of the best places to visit in South Korea during the winter!

5) Jeonju

At the top of the Joseon Dynasty, Jeonju resides, which is famous as his spiritual capital. Jeonju island of temples and museums and is one of the best places to visit in South Korea. If you want to learn and explore the local culture and get to know his history, go to Jeonju Hanok Village.

You can see traditional houses from the beginning of the 20th century, making traditional paper or sipping soju made locally. National Jeonju Museum is one of the famous tourist attractions here, which will surely impress other travelers, home to a collection of surprising artifacts. While in Jeonju, try Korean dishes favorite for Bibimbap, which initially came from this region.

6) Halla Floral Show

Don’t forget to visit Halla hills for tourist attractions in South Korea, then Halla Mountain is one, and you can’t miss this one! Snowflakes make beautiful views and ice covering the branches of inspiring Halla Snow Festivals. This floral show at the end of January or early February every year. For some reason, it doesn’t happen again, but snowflakes are still there, and the mountain makes a good scene and shouldn’t be missed!

7) Chuncheon

With a spectacular lake and the Gunung Gunung Perkasa, Chuncheon happens to be one of the most famous South Korean tourist attractions. It is also the capital of Gangwon Province. This is the location where many popular Korean soap operas are filmed. The city is also known as a Foodies paradise, and you can try many Korean dishes here.

15 Unique and Enjoyable Places to Check Out In South Korea

8) Bulguksa Temple

This temple is a legacy site registered in UNESCO, which is considered to be among the most famous historical places to visit in South Korea and one of the most popular South Korean tourist attractions. It displays two granite pagodas on both sides of the temple that add to the beauty of this place’s impressive look.

9) Gongryong Ridge

If you are still confused and still wondering where to visit in South Korea? Well, why not try Gongryong Ridge? It is Shaped like a dinosaur spine, and this place is ideal for trekkers and hiking fans who will love big climb and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains. Ricky Ridge offers a spectacular view of Gongryong Ridge.

10) Gwang-An-Bridge

This Gwang bridge is popularly known as Diamond Bridge. Located in Busan, South Korea, this bridge is the type of suspension bridge connecting Haeundae-gu to Suyeong-gu. The road surface is around 6,500 m, and even though it’s not a pedestrian bridge, you can still enjoy amazing bridge views and the surrounding area from afar.


The history of Gyeongju said is the ancient capital of the kingdom of Silla. This city is the oldest city you ever know that makes the city more than 2,000 years old. Gyeongju is an extraordinary place that offers many temples and cultural festivals.

15 Unique and Enjoyable Places to Check Out In South Korea

Start your trip at Bulguksa Temple, a Buddhist masterpiece and art from the 8th century. Then, up from the temple to Grotto Seokguram for more incredible culture and Buddhist artifacts. Don’t miss the market covered, a collection of vendors that sell everything from Silla souvenirs to newly created Korean dishes.

12) Naganeupseong

To enjoy South Korean tours, plan a trip to the village of Rakyat Naganeupseong, where you will observe the lifestyle of the Chosun dynasty ear. Houses roofed straw, government office, castle, guesthouse, all look very beautiful and photogenic. You will love this place and enjoy your time exploring here, even if you are not a historical fan.

13) Chunwang Peak

The second highest peak in the country must be one of your South Korean exciting places. Standing as high as 1,915 meters, this peak is a lover for many Korean mountaineers. If climbing the mountain gives you a sensation, we don’t see why you have to sit this.

There is even a national park on a mountain that stretches more than three provinces. Clean air and fresh water from spring will be fun for your internal organs.

14) Haeinsa Temple

Did you know that the oldest Canon Buddhist in the world is restored in the 1200-year-old Haeinsa temple? Curiosity should make you visit this temple. If you are a diligent Buddhist practitioner, you should visit this place on your vacation in South Korea and some other famous castles in Korea to view Korean history.

15) Ggotji Beach

Those who love beaches and beautiful sunsets should not miss this place on Jeju Island, one of the best South Korean goals. A pleasant white sand beach for beach babies. Sunset here is not what you see before. You will find two giant rock formations on the beach known as Granny and Grandpa Rocks.

According to legend, the wife of a commander from the Shilla Dynasty became a stone waiting by her husband loyal. When the sun sinks between the two stones, it looks very extraordinary, and the sky lights up with the color of a kapok orange.

Final Thoughts

Seeing the places above to visit in South Korea certainly looks like a fantastic destination for a vacation. It has a combination to offer you all, from mountain lovers to beach lovers—a place with the best lifestyle and modern experiences. Just pack your bags along with your bucket list and book your tickets to South Korea soon!

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