12 Must-visit Places On IT Capital Of India – Bangalore

12 Must-visit Places On IT Capital Of India - Bangalore

There are things of abundance when you walk down the busy streets of the Koramangala neighborhood – crowded tea stalls, buzzing eateries, tall buildings, engineers, and entrepreneurs.

Yes, the city is thriving. With almost one new startup mushrooming every day, Bangalore, also known as the Silicon Valley of India, houses a population of around 10 million people. But, undoubtedly, this city can provide bread butter to each one of them.

Bangalore is among the 14 top, leading robotics and manufacturing ecosystems, one of the most technologically advanced, dynamic cities as well. In the global economy, Bangalore plays a positive role, with almost 67000 registered IT companies of which 12000 are full-time organizations and the remaining ones are shelf companies.

While Bangalore is deemed as the business and industrial marketplace, with unending benefits related to the infrastructure, it is also referred to as the popular Garden City. Both on opposite sides of the spectrum, this charming place has lots to offer to the tourists.

The landscape of Bangalore is an eminent representative of the rich cultural heritage of India. The pleasant climate and compassionate residents of this place make sit all the more likable for the tourists. In this article, we have discussed 12 must-visit places/destinations in Bangalore, which are worth visiting.

12 Must-visit Places On IT Capital Of India - Bangalore


1. Tipu Sultan Fort  

Tipu Sultan Fort is popular among tourists because of its architectural magnanimity and historical prominence. The palace is situated within a secured perimeter of one mile, bearing the imprint of the king’s struggle against the British dominators.

The Tipu Sultan Fort is also a depiction of Islamic architecture, which also makes it appealing for tourists and visitors alike.

2. Bannerghatta National Park  

This is a one-stop destination for all the tourist visitors who love wild animals. This majestic park was declared the best biological reserve in the year 2002.

Here, you get to experience wilderness in such proximity, while enjoying a jungle safari in this massive area. This park covers a vast area of 122 acres and is sponsored by the international organization PETA India.

While going on a safari, you can catch sight of tigers, lions, deer, elephants, bears, and more. It a great place for photography as well – the trees and migratory birds offer a rare view that is worth capturing in the camera.

3. Cubbon Park   

One of the significant places in Bangalore for recreational walks, the Cubbon Park is ideal for sightseeing – a region of the lush, green belt just for the Nature lovers. The calm, serenading atmosphere of this place makes it most suitable for a visit.

It is extended to cover an area of approx 300 acres. It is also home to 600 old trees, birds, and natural habitats by supporting a rich ecosystem. The lawns are well maintained, making it a Paradise for the walkers. During the evening, the lights are turned on, which creates a different feeling altogether.

4. Commercial Street

A place of glamour and entertainment, this is a major attraction among the tourists visiting Bangalore. The maze of stalls are closely spaced, the lanes are narrow, forming a glorified, commercial architectural space.

Filled with pubs and eateries, you can shop anytime, and you could experience some worthy time here with your friends and family. Shopping here goes easy on the wallet; the massive crowd makes it a happening and chill place.

12 Must-visit Places On IT Capital Of India - Bangalore

5. Nandi Hills  

Nandi hills are beautiful small hillocks situated just 60 km away from Bangalore. It is a popular tourist spot, a paradise place for every nature lover.

Tranquil and sheer with breathtaking views of the sunrise or sunset, Nandi hills are the perfect weekend getaway spot. This hill area is also suitable for bird watching. The altitude of the hills is 1450 meters. The rivers Arkavathi and Palar originated from here. You can cycle and go for motorcycle rides here.

6. Bangalore Palace

This is the royal charm of the city of Bangalore, the oldest landmark, and has a sprawling Tudor inspired estate. Built-in the year 1887 by Maharaj Chamaraja, the entire architecture is splendid and lavish. The interiors are mainly wooden and it is surrounded by green gardens.

The style is a beautiful haunting mix of Scottish, Gothic, and Tudor. You can find paintings from the 19th and 20th centuries. The collection comprises a large concoction of pictures from the Wadiyar generation so that you get a glimpse of the evolution of the city of Bangalore.

7. Lalbagh Botanical Gardens

One of the largest botanical gardens situated in India, and has decorated impeccably with ornamental flowers, and glasshouses for having a surreal experience.

12 Must-visit Places On IT Capital Of India - Bangalore

Spread over an area of 240 acres, the garden is home to bright, exotic flowers, rare birds like parakeets, purple moorhen, pond heron, myna, and more. The Lalbagh rock situated inside this garden is 3000 years old.

8. Bagmane Tech Park

This lavish place is a renowned software technological park that hosts some of the biggest and wealthiest companies all over the country. A major economic zone, this is located at C V Raman Nagar in Bengaluru. The modern class facilities are all glitter and gold. The entrance has a lake that further adds to its extraordinary glamour.

Here, you can also see the offices and headquarters of some of the largest, reputed companies like Cognizant, Oracle Financial Services, Sapient Corporation, Dover Corporation, Informatica, Volvo, Dell, etc.

9. Albert bakery

This is a landmark destination in Bangalore. One of the finest bakeries in India, here you can discover traditional baked food, cookies, and cakes which will fulfill your satiety level. The place is over 118 years old.

Here, you can find both savory and sweet goods to eat. For Christmas, you can take home plum cakes, chocolate cakes. To enjoy spicy food, try their mutton puff, chicken shami kebab. If you want to take home some cookies or biscuits, buy their famous cherry coconut biscuits. It is, therefore, the ultimate place to visit for every food lover.

10. Vidhana Soudha

A stunning portrayal of the Dravidian and Indo-Saracenic architecture, it is a prominent landmark of Bangalore. A parliamentary building, also the largest legislative building in India, the design and construction of this place was completed in the year 1956.

It sprawls across a majestic area of 700 by 350 meters. The conception of this building is a brainchild of the Chief Minister of Mysore – Kengal Hanumanthaiah. The total cost of this building is approx INR 1.84 crores.

11. Shivasamudram Falls

One of Asia’s largest and biggest hydroelectric projects, this place for all the trek aspirants, who are inspired by wonderful views and breathtaking landscapes. Located 120 km away from the main city, they create a majestic ambiance.

Originating from the Kaveri river, this is a place worth visiting.  This fall is the biggest in  India and the sixteenth largest falls worldwide. There are boat services here, which will take you to the center of the waterfall region.

12. Devanahalli Fort

A significant architecture of historical importance, this fort is situated almost 35 km north of the main city of Bangalore. This fort stands strong, as evidence of the long historical battles won by the royal families living here.

It was the birth and residential palace of the great Tipu Sultan. It is majestic, with 12 semi-circular bastions, a spacious area for battlement, gun-pointing view. It is also a renowned archaeological site to visit.


The city of Bangalore is a thriving destination for tourists. Filled with an innumerable place to visit, it is one of the fastest-growing cities in India. It is significantly millennial-friendly and extremely digital-savvy.

Enlightened with a vibrant atmosphere, it supports the flourishing pop culture as well. Plan your trip to this place, any time of the year. You can make memories that are worth cherishing for a lifetime and more.

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