Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

There are moments that make life worthwhile…moments that make an inerasable mark on our lives. Ever contemplated over them and wondered how they sum up your entire life and at the same time, never fail to bring a happy curve on your face?

As we grow and begin connecting to people, we bind ourselves into countless relationships. And they bring bliss into our lives through various ways. Yes, there are moments that although, don’t find a specific mention anywhere or given a deep thought to but they definitely, add a lot of meaning to your life.

Know them all and you are for sure, going to give a nod to each one of them.

As a child:

  1. Your birthday so that you are poured with innumerable gifts and a birthday cake of your choice. You awaited your birthday to feel supreme and the most important person on Earth. Such happy days!
  2. When you receive an A+ in your work of art. While other children were busy scribbling the artwork in haste, it took you time, patience and devotion to get through the same and yes, you got your worth!
  3. You switched on the TV and your favourite cartoon just started. What could be a bigger relief than this! You could have never been prouder of your punctuality before.
  4. When your subject teacher is absent and you get an extra free period. You must have called that as ‘a day well spent.’ Well, thanks to the teacher!

As a friend

  1. When your friend sells his favourite thing just to help you in the hour of need. You feel at loss of words through this gesture and can never thank him enough.
  2. Spilling secrets about your love life to your best friend. These sweet little joys make you closer to your friend and add memories that last a lifetime.
  3. Reuniting with your old friends after a long time. After you have added so many new chapters in your life, what could be better and more thrilling than meeting all your friends and discussing how times have changed?
  4. Your birthday bash when you throw a party to your friends and your best pal secretly invites your crush. You spend the entire time blushing, looking for ways to break the ice.

As a Classmate:

  1. When you are the only person knowing the answer to your teacher’s question during the lecture. You raise your hand in the class only to realise you are the only ‘enlightened soul’ there. It’s a cherish-able moment for many days to follow.
  2. Having lunch secretly in the last seat without your teacher’s knowledge. While the teacher is busy explaining the Newton and the apple, you are busy stuffing your mouth because Neton can wait, hunger pangs can’t!
  3. A trip or picnic with the entire class. It feels good to see a shift from your mundane life to something adventurous and fun-filled.
  4. When your crush comes to talk to you or your touches you unknowingly. Remember how you stealthily looked at your crush every-day? One day she finally approaches you and makes a handshake congratulating you for winning the match. Now this is what you call a 2-0!

As a Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

  1. Those surprise texts from your partner confessing their love for you. While you are stuck solving life’s inevitable troubles, your phone blinks with your beloved’s text saying something sweet and special that makes your day.
  2. When you flip through old pictures and memories of you two together. You see how times have passed. You look at the younger you, the love-filled moments. Seeing how times have changed and love has grown with time makes you feel so blessed.
  3. When you complete an anniversary and look back how you have sailed through happy and rough times together. Every relationship requires effort. And you both made it so far bearing with each other’s negatives only makes your love stronger.
  4. When, after a long struggle, you win the battle for marriage, the entire relationship proves worth it. You never thanked the heavens more.

As a Parent

  1. When your toddler lisps the first words. The ‘Mama’, ‘Daddy’ and little things that he/she communicates gives the unimaginable bliss.
  2. When your child comes home grinning with his/ her first medal on some accomplishment, you brim with ineffable emotions.
  3. When your child squeezes you hard in little arms and telling you that he/she is blessed with best parents, it becomes your life’s greatest accomplishment.
  4. When your child is thoughtful of little occasions and surprises you with birthday, anniversary, father’s day or mother’s day present, their entire journey from a toddler to such able adults makes you experience a moment of pride.

As an Individual

Moments That Perfectly Sum Up Your Life

  1. The inexpressible feeling when you secure your first job. You feel confident and all set to start a successful journey ahead.
  2. The hugest transformation in your life: Marriage. Even studies have shown getting married gives people a sense of contentment and settlement.
  3. Seeing the old couple holding hands restores your faith that in this practical, money driven world, Love Exists.
  4. Someone telling you that you look younger than you actually are. You blush and thank yourself for all your spa visits and sacrificing that extra piece of cake. You feel all your efforts have shown results.

And that is not all. It’s just a glimpse of all that is sweet and beautiful happening in your life. We are sure you could relate to a lot of these. Well, the moments are uncountable! Make sure you shift your focus to all the good moments in your life and smile a little more today.

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