Reasons Why You Should Consider Analytics Training

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Every year for past couple of years, analytics training has been reckoned among the world’s in-demand jobs with the buoyant scenarios. As per the estimates of the Harvard Business, it has been considered as the ‘Sexiest Job of the 21st Century’ and CNN termed it the ‘Best New Job in America’ in 2014.

In the last year, LinkedIn carried out an in-depth study on the ‘Top Skills that can get you hired in 2016’ and Analytics was ranked as #2 on the list after cloud computing.

This clearly indicates that we are living in a data-driven world where people who know the fact that data semantic are becoming progressively more valuable. Keeping this particular aspect in the mind more and more aspirants are searching reputed analytics training institute and enrolling themselves for the course.

Here are a few more reasons why you should consider doing business analytics:

Increased salary:

It goes without saying that business analytics’ ROI is extremely well. As per the reports, many data scientists get salaries that are relatively much higher than that of finance, marketing or IT experts. In India, average salaries are somewhere around 10 to 12 lakhs per annum depending on the organisation. Over past 7-8 years, even the entry level salaries in analytics have shown increment of around 200%, which means it will fall somewhere between 6.5 and 9 lakhs.

Reputable work

Business analytics is almost similar to the work done by an investigator. Yeah, don’t be amazed. Just as an investigator leaves no stone unturned to glean through oodles of data to pull together small indications, a data scientist/analyst run through a massive volume of data in quest of substantiation that can get him to the root cause of the problem at hand, and shed light on the bigger picture. Moreover, it is the most challenging and thought-provoking job that you would love do, and that’s the reason why increasingly software professionals are joining analytics training institute to upgrade their skill sets.

Diversity at work

Business analytics encompasses carrying out statistical analysis on huge data available to create accurate business acumens. It is a universal language, which again indicates that once becoming the master of the fundamental skills, you can make the best use of them in different industry verticals that too across a wide spectrum of operations, and for miscellaneous business complications.

This empowers the data scientist to work in finance one day and in healthcare the next, and to diligently manage as well as find out right solutions for HR and marketing related issues with equal simplicity. The cross-functional implementation of analytics is what experts find most intriguing. If you’re someone who starts feeling jaded with a mundane role, and is always on the lookout for diversity, then business analytics is the right career path for you.

So what you are waiting for? Take that leap into business analytics and believe me you won’t ever regret your decision. If you are interested in knowing more about how professional analytics training institute can help you in achieving your goals click here.

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