How to Hold Exciting Orientation Event for Freshmen?

The summer after graduation could be filled with anxiousness and excitement for many high school seniors. They will be welcomed as freshmen in universities and colleges. They are anticipating a challenging and fun year. In this case, it is important for colleges to host a welcoming event that can help calm the nerves among students. A good orientation event should help students create a community and they should be a part of thriving groups of students. When planning a freshman orientation event, it is important to recruit highly dedicated staff. It is also important to organize the event with residential advisors. College representatives should also be available to greet and help new students. Bright colors should also be used to make the event stands out. School names should be showcased properly and new students should be able to easily familiarize themselves. Upperclassmen should also be available during the freshmen orientation and they must be personable and presentable. Representatives should be able to show excellence, in both social and academic areas.

With a good orientation event, parents should be able to say good bye easier to their children. Parents will know that they are in a good hand. During the event, freshmen and upperclassmen should wear name tags, so they can get acquainted more easily. Before the event begins, there should be a casual brunch, so they can get to know each other. This will make sure that the event will flow much more smoothly. This can be performed on a neutral ground, such as the college cafeteria. It should be a good place to introduce people and avoid anxiety. It’s time to get everyone excited with ice breakers and fun activities. An innovative way to allow freshmen know the campus ground is by performing scavenger hunts. Teams can be divided and they could be assigned to seek multiple hidden caches throughout the college. Winners who find the most caches in specific amount of time could be given prizes or perks. As the first day continues, freshmen should feel more comfortable with their surrounding and we could see friendships bloom among them.

After the hunt ends, it’s a good time for a lunch break and freshmen could gather with friends. This will also provide the staff with an opportunity to set the next parts of the event. Upperclassmen should be able to show that college isn’t only about binge drinking and they should be able to create sober fun. The welcoming and orientation events should be a time for freshmen to share their insights and show their more daring sides. After the event ends, a good night sleep should be in order and tired freshmen will be likely to go to bed. This will show how a day in the college should be concluded productively. The orientation event could be made to correspond with specific themes. For the following days, upperclassmen could start to provide information related directly education process. They should know what to expect during their time in the college and what they need to do to achieve good academic performance.

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