How To Distinguish A Real Blue Diamond

Blue diamonds are very rare and natural beauty. It has a section of carbon transfused with nitrogen to create a blue tint rather than the traditional clear white of most diamonds. Based on the study done by Blue Diamonds USA, estimates are that for every 10,000 diamonds mined naturally from the earth, there is only one diamond of any color. This means that blue diamonds are exceptionally strange and therefore is expensive.

But, it’s possible to color cubic zirconia, glass or plastic, all common diamond imitations, to have the appearance of a blue diamond. But how can you determine a real blue diamond? Read on to know the ways on how to:

1. Hold the diamond up to the light and look through it. A blue diamond will alter and bend the light to where it looks glistening blue. Fakes like glass or cubic zirconia will not show the same glaze. They will also allow the light to pass through, providing very little bending or changed. If the gem shows a direct line of light through it, it is probably not a diamond. In addition, the dyes that fake diamonds use will not mirror the blue as severely as the real one. Blue diamonds will show direct blue light as a reflection of their contemplation of their true color.  Duplicate will show a paled version of the blue shade.

2. You have to compare the blue diamond to another diamond of equal size by weighing it on a carat or gram scale. Copycat diamonds will weigh about 60 percent more than a true diamond. So if a diamond of an equal size is lighter than the blue diamond, the blue diamond will most likely be a dupe. You can let a little wiggle room, but if the difference is extravagant, it’s not a blue diamond.

3. You have to put stone under a UV lamp. Replica of diamonds will not show any hue when shining UV light, but will show their best color, often a clear white. But, a blue diamond held underneath a UV light will display a swirl of deep blue and purple colors. This is the quickest method to find out if the blue diamond is true, because UV lights leave little room for misunderstanding.

4. You can also take the diamond to a licensed jeweler. Most jewelers have never seen a blue diamond, so it may take some time for them to verify the diamond’s authenticity. However, if all other tests leave you amazed, this is the best method to check out if the blue diamond is real. If it is genuine, the jeweler should tell you how much the diamond is worth. Higher-tier jewelers may even offer to buy the diamond from you because of its uniqueness.

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