Your CCTV security camera system is an investment that is worth its cost. With the bloom of large self-serving super market stores, fashion stores, electronic shops and shopping malls, it has been more and more difficult to watch over your goods, than ever. It is practically difficult and not economical to employ, large number of sales staffs to watch over the goods, because of the fear of shoplifting. Moreover, it would annoy the customers when someone is constantly following them and keeping a close watch on them. It may even hurt the self-respect of a few. People, for whom shopping is more like a hobby or a passtime, from week long work stress they would rather prefer to be left free and undisturbed while shopping.


But the problem comes when all the minds that enter your shop may not be pure about their intentions. You never can segregate the black handed burglars from the fair minded clients. If you search over the internet, you can find an endless list of video collections, showcasing shoplifting videos from all over the world. It was only after the entry of CCTV Systems, widely into the business security campaign that, these shocking shoplifting stories came into the daylight.
It was literally unbelievable for the eyes of the world, to see from the recorded CCTV footages, that the shoplifters caught on the videos included, those sections of people who would never have been suspected for shoplifting, otherwise. These included age old grannies and grandpas, well dressed glamorous girls, reputed professionals, socially well placed home makers and the lists goes on. Just imagine about the days when the world did not have the boon of CCTV Dubai security system!

These footages have paralysed and terrified shopkeepers all over the world and now even small retail store owners are particular and sure about installing CCTV security systems, right from the opening day of their business. They does not consider it as a luxury, but more as a necessity and an investment that willl help to save a lot of money and inconvenience in the long run. Thanks to technology, that now we have superior quality and trusted CCTV brands like Samsung CCTV Dubai that offer variety quality cameras at affordable rates.

Now, the latest revolutionary idea, what many owners, of largescale businesses and shopping centres have adopted, to watch over their properties is, to appoint virtual assistants online. These virtual assistants could be from anywhere around the world, who could work remotely, even from their homes, that may be kilometres and kilometres away, even in a different country!!!!! The idea is very simple. They are made available with real time CCTV footages from the shops. Their job will be to, carefully watch and report any suspicious events coming into notice. If any thefts come into their notice, they would immediately report it to the police authorities, with photographic proofs, to seize the robbers.This new advancement has surely made keeping your business safe a walk in the park

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