Let Students Learn More Methodically

Andrew Curry Jessieville who served as the superintendent of the Jessieville School is fairly glad that his thoughts of infusing the up to date apps and new mechanisms in educating students is now successful in the district school. He is now the principal of Arkansas Consolidated High School. Further, Andrew Curry plans for joining as a board member in a recognized non-profit organization and his aim is to help needy and disabled young learners play baseball. From the viewpoint of an administrator, guide as well as educator, his career path is quite successful. Undoubtedly, his competence, expertise and inventive ideas are highly appreciated not only in Jessieville School but throughout Arkansas State.

Andy Curry Jessieville has completed his higher education from the university of Henderson State. From his college days, he was interested in being a teacher and on completion of his university degree, he joined a community school in Arkansas.  After joining as superintendent in the district school, Andrew Curry planned to institute certain innovative ideas in education systems. And, out of them one was employing of apps and tools and helping students to study through project based techniques.

According to the version of this experienced teacher and guide, this is the right time for teachers to think of coaching their students more technically and through project based tools. The realistic views of practical and project oriented training will help students understand their lessons; in addition, this practical workshop type training will engage them and inspire them distinctively. As a board member of this elementary school Andrew Curry is satisfied that the teachers are at-one with his opinions and the educators has started following the methods of project oriented education from class six to higher class students.

Andrew Curry Jessieville is highly interested and invites all major schools of Arkansas to implement this new generation methodologies in teaching. Calling a press conference he said that from the 5th or 6th standards, teachers should start teaching their students through pre-designed project-based curriculum. If required, teachers should consult the systems and project types with higher management or its advisory board members. However, it should also be perfectly synchronized with the class standards. This will be surely helpful for students who are basically weak or having limited resources. At the same time, the overall aim of meeting the federal education policy that ‘basics of each student to be strong’ will be effective.

Referring to the new tools and devices like iPads and other implements, Andrew Curry Jessieville says that faculty members from all levels should take part in this latest method of teaching. This will not only increase the quality of teaching, but help students in finer learning. The main advantage of project based learning is its comprehensive setting and, again its step by step phases help learners in understanding difficult lessons in friendly manner. The traditional methods of teaching students are not going to help them to take enhanced responsibilities in future. According to Curry online researches and studies can help students to be far superior. And, when all apparatus are available why not these are used. Whist  youngsters today are expected to handle big deals in future, project based learning together with apps will help them in critical thinking and solutions.

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