5 Ways To Avoid Wasting Energy This Winter

5 Ways To Avoid Wasting Energy This Winter

Winter energy costs can go through the roof in any home. Every home owner wants to do everything they can to lower heating costs during these months. The most obvious solution would be to just turn the heat down in the home, but home owners deserve to be comfortable in their home without paying an arm and a leg to do it. Fortunately, there are a few solutions that do not involve shivering inside a cold house.

Home owners can make a few simple changes at the beginning of each winter to ensure that their home is warm and energy efficient all season long. These changes are easy for any home owner to complete on their own and they can save the home owner hundreds of dollars on their ChooseTexasElectricity.org heating bills over the course of the winter season. Here are five ways to avoid wasting energy this winter.

Bake More

Baking may not seem like the most efficient method for heating a home, but using the stove and oven can actually help keep the home a lot warmer in the winter months. Many families do not like to leave the home to eat as much during the winter anyway, so instead they can spend more time baking and cooking together to heat the home. Leaving the oven open after each use will release the warm air into the home and keep everyone warmer.

Never Leave the Fridge or Freezer Door Open

The fridge and freezer can let out a lot of cold air each time the doors are opened. Many people still have the habit of sitting in front of the fridge or freezer with the door open while they decide what they want to eat. Breaking this bad habit can save home owners a significant amount on heating each month.

Seal Common Places for Leaks

There are a lot of areas around the home that can be culprit to air leaks anytime of the year. Home owners should regularly check and seal these areas with caulk or insulation to make their home run more efficiently. Some common areas include outlets, windows, doors and vents.

Make use of the Windows

The windows may seem like something that should be covered the entire winter season to save money, but windows can work to heat the home as well. Home owners can let the sun shine in during the day to heat the home for free, and then cover the windows at night with heavy curtains to keep the heat inside.

Invest in an Adjustable Thermostat

Most new homes will have an adjustable thermostat, but everyone who does not have one should invest in one to save money on heating and cooling. An adjustable thermostat can be programed to heat the home while people are inside and drop the temperature when people area away or sleeping. Some new models will even adjust automatically, so home owners do not even have to do anything to save money on heating.

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