Things One Should Keep In Mind Before Finalizing The Deal With A Builder

Many of them think that for getting a new house, they just have to talk to a builder, choose a house that meets all their requirements, apply for a home loan and sign the final agreement.  However, not all this is smooth, as it looks like.

You have to make sure that the builder does not swindle you by hoax agreement. There might be severe consequences, the worst being surrounded by legal issues. That’s why, some points have been covered here, which you should keep in mind before signing any kind of contract with the builder.

Dimensions of the House

The dimensions of your house will be cited in the agreement. The main twist here comes in the form of a section, which clearly means that the builder is free to make any kind of changes in the design of the house and hence, all of its description regarding the blueprint is provisional. In short, even if you consent on a particular size, the builder has the choice of modifying it.

The best thing to do in this condition will be to go through the records of the builder and check its success rate. Also, consult your lawyer and come up with a section that consists of the definite range of size of the house that the builder has to follow.

You can also do a bit of research and choose by looking for builders in Surrey, who provide house extensions, property refurbishment, attic and basement area renovation, etc. in their agreements. It is for the purpose of restoration of your house whenever required.

Floor Area of the Building

The floor area or better known as carpet area is the area of the house excluding that of the walls. It is said that the carpet area is generally 15-30% minus the super built area. Super built area is the area that covers the carpet area along with that of walls, balcony and common spaces in the house.

As a precaution, try to buy a house according to its carpet area and make sure that its specifications are mentioned in the agreement. You can also use termination clause if the area is not what it was mentioned to be.

Cost of the Home and its Completion Certificate

The price of your home should cover all kind of bills such as electricity, registration fee (if it is required), water, taxes, parking, etc. Keep in mind to check whether all of them are included in the final cost or not.

It would be better to get a lawyer to check the agreement in this case. The lawyer will inform you about the hidden or omitted charges that are important to know about. You should also ask for a sanction letter from the builder, in case, any kind of variation is made to the original plan.

Lastly, ask for the completion certificate, which would assure you that the building of your house has been constructed according to the official design. Get the completion certificate, no matter what the conditions are.  This certificate is necessary for your house registration and other customs.

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