Features of a Top Quality Writing Service

A top quality writing service is fairly difficult to find, not because there are not enough of them (far from it actually), but because it is almost impossible to tell which are good and which are bad. It is hard to determine which service has offices in London and New York and which have offices in a 15 year old boy’s bedroom. Here are the features of best essay writing services prepared by Top10Writers.com.

1 – They hit deadlines EVERY time

This may seem obvious to hard-core writing service users, but people that have never used an essay writing service may be unaware of just how important meeting deadlines really is.

It causes students worlds of trouble when a writing service delays sending written work, even if it is just by one day. A student can lose between 10% and 30% of his or her essay grade/mark if work is submitted late. Students cannot afford to have essay writing services missing deadlines.

2 – They provide well-researched and thoughtful content

Essay writers have to write the same essay hundreds of times in their career. This is because professors tend to re-use essay topics, especially if they are featured in textbooks or are part of a repeating curriculum.

A top quality writer will create well-researched and thoughtful content for every assignment. They will research and re-research the same topics instead of using the same notes and resources for each piece.

The reason should be obvious to everybody, but in case you didn’t know, it is because of the theories around the decay of knowledge known as “The Half Life Of Knowledge” (Fritz Machlup, 1962) and “The Half-Life Of Facts” (Samuel Arbesman, 2010).

The theories correctly state that half of what you are taught now will be redundant or proven not 100% accurate within 10 to 20 years. That is why a good essay writer conducts fresh research every time writing  an essay, ensuring they are up to date with the subject and on board with contemporaneous thinking.

3 – They are willing to amend work

This may not seem like a big deal. After all, you would assume that properly written work wouldn’t need amendments, but the world is not like that. Albert Einstein could write a paper on physics, and you will always find a professor out there somewhere that will send it back for changes.

What is more important is the fact that some poor-quality writing companies will use amendments to con students. They will produce sub-par work with obvious omissions that a professor will pick up on. They con students by charging for amendments. A top quality writing service will not charge for amendments.

4 – They provide a safe, secure and private service

It is imperative that all good essay-writing services offer a safe and secure portal for buying writing services and communicating with the company. Nobody wants their card or payment details being sold on to spurious third parties.

What is equally important is that the service is private. Students these days want 100% confidentiality. The last thing they want is their college or University finding out they used an essay writing service. A top quality writing service will keep all of their files, contact lists, and client lists safe, secure and private for the good of the student customers.

5 – They are honest and reliable

What about paper writing services that cheat? Aren’t they just the smarter ones? After all, cheaters usually come out on top (unless you are watching TV or the movies). People who cheat rarely get caught and usually end up with all the benefits of their deception, so why is it so bad if an essay writing service cheats?

It is bad because they are not cheating the college or the University, they are cheating you. For example, their cheating with plagiarism or spinning, is not going to fool the college or University, but it is going to fool you. Do you really think a writing service that cheats is going to give the money back when you complain? You may be resting your entire future on their written efforts, so are you really going to risk being kicked off your qualification/course because the essay writing service is cheating?

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