Redesigning A Home Increases Its Market Value

Before you sell your home, make sure you get a good price. It is totally worth it to invest in home redesign before you put it up for sale. Quite obviously, a buyer will pay a better price than when you have the house in shambles! This holds true even when you want an urgent handover of your house.

Details can Work Wonders

Redesigning is not merely about putting up a fresh coat of paint or renovating the kitchen. Of course, painting and kitchen works hold good values, but there are simple details that can change the whole overlook significantly. For example, you can simply replace the existing shabby curtains with gorgeous colorful ones. Add up some ornate mirrors on the wall maybe. Placing mirrors on opposite walls create a magic illusion of an endless big space. Replacing the peeling old paint with a vibrant color is also a great idea to freshen up your home’s charm.

Such simple tricks actually work wonders in creating a good impression on the buyer. The full work can be vast, so you will need to separate it into sections according to your time and budget. If you are in a hurry, go for the surface essentials like curtains, cleanliness, doors, windows, mirrors, new light fixtures, etc. If you have no plans to sell as of now, go for the extended works such as the basement, the hall, the kitchen, the loft, and the conservatory. Look up the following sections on the essential redesigning requirements to prop your home’s selling value. When you want to sell, you can always contact reputed services such as the national house buyers.

  • The doors and windows: The front door is literally the gate of first impression. Make it impressive. Change the knob to something fancy and ornate. Add a fresh coat of varnish. Add some extra security features if you already do not have them. Add a brass letterbox and a brass nameplate. These are relatively inexpensive and quick changes, but they hold immense potential to uplift the impression of the visitor/buyer. Similarly, have a look at the widows. Do you have a cracked glass pane? Repair it. Do they also need a fresh paint coat? Do it.
  • The heating system: Installing a central heating may cost you in the range of 1000 – 3000 pounds, but you can leverage the selling value of your home by about 5000 pounds. If you already do not have it done, consider setting up one. If you have it, check if the heating needs repairs. 
  • Invest on a loft conversion: If you are in for a big investment on improving the value of your home, go for a loft conversion. It costs in the range of about £20,000, but you add a value double this amount. Surveys show that loft conversions can lift the price of your house by about 12.5%. However, you need to make sure that the loft is ‘au natural’. It should not look like an alien element with the rest of the house. While planning the loft, ensure there is enough space to stand. 
  • Add a conservatory: This is again an expensive work, but is worth it. Like the loft, you need to make sure that the conservatory blends well with the rest of the house. For example, consider choosing the same flooring and windows for the extension. A full-blown addition of conservatory can lift the value of a home by as much as 11%. 
  • The basement: Neglecting the basement is a mistake many homeowners do. First, ensure that it is well-lit and clean. Basements kind of have a spooky reputation. You will need to avoid it to deliver a positive feeling for the buyer. Okay, you may not want to sell the house now. Even then, work on the basement for your own sake! However, setting up a basement extension is among the most expensive of home redesigning works. 
  • Increase space by dismantling: Some walls may be unnecessary. You can simply dismantle them and increase the living space. 
  • The garage and the lawn: Your lawn is also an integral part of the house. Maintain it well. A flowery lawn can create a magical first impression on the visitor. You may want to set up ornate tiles from the front gate to the front door.

Some spaces in the house do not need much work. For example, the bedroom is usually neat and comfortable. You may not have to do any extra work in there. If you feel like, you can always add new light fixtures and change the windows to a blinds version. Always keep the official things in place. These guarantee the buyer that he has the legal permission to make changes in the house. Contact a good home inspection agency and obtain a comprehensive report. Keep the papers ready and up-to-date. Services like the national home buyers can help you obtain a worthy value.

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