Top Tips For Standing Out In A Crowd

Is there a special someone who’s attention you just can’t seem to attract? There could be all sorts of reasons they are avoiding eye contact with you: maybe they’re not looking for a relationship, maybe they’re shy, perhaps you aren’t their thing sexually speaking. Whatever it is, if you are feeling frustrated by your lack of progress with a certain person, here are some tips to help you stand out in a crowd. Once you get these babies nailed, there will be no overlooking your charisma and magnetism… trust me…

Posture Perfect

If you walk into a room with shoulders thrown back and head held high you exude confidence. Working on improving poor posture is an easy way of making yourself more visible in a crowd. Slumped shoulders and eyes to the floor create the impression you don’t want to be spoken to – so people don’t even try to engage with you. This has a downward spiral effect of eroding your self-esteem, making you feel less confident and even more likely to display poor posture. The easy way to turn this situation around is to fake it when you walk into the room – that’s what 99 percent of the people in there are doing anyway. We are all capable of holding our backs and shoulders straight, head high with a clear steady gaze – just try it, and see the results you get. The positive response will boost your self esteem, give your confidence a kick start and hey presto! People feel a compulsion to check you out…

Top Tips For Standing Out In A Crowd

Dress to Impress

A distinctive and personal style worn with confidence and aplomb will get you noticed. Wear something you feel comfortable and relaxed in. If you are aiming to grab the attention of someone in particular, why not appeal directly to them with a message displayed on your clothing? A  t shirt worn beneath a shirt with a personal message for  your love interest will certainly get you noticed. It’s up to you exactly how you phrase the question – don’t alarm them with anything too stalker-like, or offend them with anything vulgar or brash. A t shirt emblazoned with a witty or intriguing caption is a good ice breaker. Be creative and imaginative with your caption and approach firms such as who supply custom printed garments to your specification. will have plenty of ideas for clothing that can be adorned with your own personal branding. For clothing that gets you noticed, it pays to try something a little different…

Be Friendly

There’s no point having great posture and dressing snappily if you look unapproachable and unfriendly. Leave your glum face and bad attitude at the door and replace it with a  twinkly smile and positive vibes. Actively invite others to engage with you. Ask questions of people, show them you are interested in them – this is a real charmer’s secret and one that can be utilised on anybody. Most people enjoy talking about themselves, so just keep the questions coming. If you are in a lively and animated conversation with people, this will get you noticed in a crowd. Others will become aware of you and want to know why you are so popular. They will subconsciously gravitate towards you, wanting to discover the secret of your charismatic presence.

Self Belief

Remind yourself that you are unique. There is only one version of you in this world and if you are convinced of your awesomeness, then so will the others around you be too. Being at the heart of a crowd, the centre of attention, is a great place to be, if you relax and feel comfortable there.  A degree of self-belief will propel you into the limelight, getting you noticed for your easy confidence. Remember that if you stand up straight, smile, walk purposefully and with a positive stride, this will get people looking in your direction.

The next time you walk into a crowded room, remember these tips to help get yourself noticed. Who knows what wonderful things might happen? You can travel a long, long way on self-belief, good posture, smart dressing, conversational charm and a little light bluffing….

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