Interior Décor Trends in Indian Start-Ups

There is a boom of new start-ups in India. Often referred to as the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore houses the greatest number of start-ups in the country. The story behind every start-up is unique. Therefore, start-up offices have the coolest and innovative workspaces.

Their décor theme often revolves around the vision and core values of the organization. A popular choice is designer furniture that is ergonomic, comfortable and minimalist. Office décor reflects the culture, employee values, talent and vision of the start-up. Comfort and convenience are considered alongside with aesthetics. An optimum commercial office space design is the one which encourages productivity, happiness, and collaboration in the workplace. Informal seating is an emerging trend in Indian start-ups. Flexible workstations allow the employee to choose space as per his/her preference. Many offices are incorporating nature -inspired decor in their workspace.

Some offices are creating overhead skylights and glass panels to allow sunshine and natural lighting. Indoor plants, fountains, waterfall are some ways to add a bit of natural setting in any commercial property for rent in Kolkata. Collaborative Meeting Space helps teams to brainstorm ideas and collaborate on shared projects. Instead of individual desks, communal meeting rooms facilitate employee bonding, group learning, and team building. Cozy meeting spaces with comfortable seating for three to four people provides an ideal set-up. Privacy-friendly workstations are a good option for confidential meetings. Even though there’s a growing popularity of open spaces and flexible layouts, the need for private workspaces can’t be eliminated. Small private workstations can be custom made is an ‘S’ shape to accommodate two people on opposite ends. These workstations are crucial for skype meetings, conference calls, and confidential e-mails. If you want to infuse a sense of home comfort, add furniture that reflects home furnishings. It is an unconventional décor idea, which incorporates things like sleeping area, lounging, gaming area, TV & entertainment. This kind of décor is mostly prevalent in Indian tech start-ups. Incorporating smart gadgets and devices can enable your employees to work smarter and faster. Equip your office with projection screen, wireless charging ports, smartboards, convenience kiosk, etc. Also, add a security measure for all the smart gadgets in your office. Social hubs are a brilliant way to empower teamwork, collaboration, and bonding. You can add bean bags, chaise lounges in the social hubs to add a more casual feel to the set-up. You can also keep some refreshments and healthy snacks in small baskets in the hubs. This area will serve as an informal set-up for the employees to socialize amongst the employees.

These are some of the popular décor ideas trending in Indian start-ups. You can always personalize your space with new ideas that uphold the company vision.

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