3 Ways To Ensure Data Protection In Your Company

3 Ways To Ensure Data Protection In Your Company

The University of Central Florida reported a security breach at the beginning of this year that affected approximately 63,000 current and former students, faculty, and staff. And, it is not alone. IT companies in Tampa and other parts of the US deal with security breach issues every day. This is why, data protection policies play a crucial role for any business. However, many small to medium-sized companies lack data recovery specialists. This results in multiple failures, threats, and exposures, and makes businesses more vulnerable to data loss and security threats. The rampant use of enterprise mobility, social networking platforms, and dispersion of data sites at distant locations further increases the chance of a breach. Sometimes an outdated IT infrastructure, old back-up systems, and unpredictable data recovery strategies play the culprit. But before you look for an IT company to meet your data security needs, it’s important to learn how you can build a data protection plan. Here are three ways to make your job easier:

3 Ways To Ensure Data Protection In Your Company

1. Modernize Your Data Protection Technology

Make sure your infrastructure is strong enough to manage and secure sensitive business data. Today’s modern and innovative business environment means more regulative strategies, system/application configuration, compliance issues, and more intricate and unorganized data management and monitoring. When it comes to conventional on-premises data systems, they cannot secure your business-critical applications or systems data overload. And, if you are switching to cloud storage services and cloud applications you must upgrade your old data protection technology.

2. Focus on a Sound Backup Plan

Information loss is unavoidable. So, ensure that you have a foolproof data protection plan in place. Assimilating and integrating duplicate copies of your data in a safe location or server will not only protect your company information, but also help you continue your business as usual, avoiding downtime.

3. Update Your Systems and Applications

Make sure all your systems and applications are up to date. All software patches that are released on a regular basis not only ensure application and performance enhancements, but also fix security threats. You can update your PC operating systems, applications, and anti-virus software.

Modern-day businesses operate round the clock, which means your systems too should be up and running at any given hour. If you are in Florida, consider hiring a reliable IT company in Tampa, Florida that can take care of your data protection and security needs. It will help you improve productivity, and avoid downtime, irate customers or legal penalties.

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