Samsung Galaxy S4: Still A Good Phone To Consider

Samsung had put on sale its Galaxy S4 super smartphone worldwide in the early 2013. Samsung launched this phone as the king of smartphones. The South Korean company knows that everything in the smartphone should be powerful as the power core, gigahertz, dimensions or RAM but also a friendly operating system and applications and features that make life easier for the user. And the Galaxy S4 was the success path for the Samsung.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a smartphone that takes shape in line with selling Galaxy S3 design and even tighter measures have been able to integrate a 5-inch Full HD and last to last chipset Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 quad-core 1.9 GHz, Adreno 320 and support LTE networks makes the S4 a verdict in the market.

As you can guess from these features this is one of the most powerful smartphones of the 2013 but still in 2015, it is above the higher mid-range smartphone section.  Samsung Galaxy S4 has a clear legacy in the design regard against Galaxy S3. The company gave an ergonomic and very nice when used with your Galaxy S3 and have reduced some steps and use a new standard in both front and rear design. While Galaxy S3 used a pattern that mimicked the brushed metal, this time it has been used a pattern that imitates carbon fiber. As we say it is a pattern on the final lacquer paint, the finish is completely smooth except for the logo touching the rear Samsung.

In the model Galaxy S3 used a smoothing design with curves in all dimensions and that increasing the thickness, width, etc. In fact, the way to using straight lines has gotten Galaxy S4 is 0.8 millimeters narrower and has a thickness of 0.7 mm unless Galaxy S3. In the design section of the Galaxy S4 you would find that the screen takes up most of the front, under it are the capacitive areas Options button and Back of Android and the central physical button, home. At the top we can see the front camera 2 Mp and the whole series of sensors that integrates smartphone rather than Galaxy S3 and that it supports gesture control, similar to Kinect but on a small scale.

You can find the several gadgets in the market with the same price tag as of the S4 but if you want to experience the premium technology of the Samsung smartphones but don’t want to go for higher price tag then Samsung Galaxy S4 is perfect for you. And if you would like afford more then we would like to say wait for the Samsung Galaxy S7 to come. But the wait for take at least 11 months from now, as firstly S6 would arrive in the market.

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