Samsung Galaxy S7: Specs and Assumptions

Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC and other smartphone manufactures are literally fighting in the smartphone world by launching new and new smartphones with no time gap. And here is similar solution of Samsung the Galaxy Alpha, which is in turn competitor to the Apple’s iPhone. And now Samsung is going to cover new target overcome iPhone with the Samsung Galaxy S7.

The Galaxy Alpha is really good and balanced combination turned out display with a resolution of HD (a clear example that more – not always better), and a powerful chipset smartphone that carries everything that you need but still it is not best. As people are expecting at least full HD display in flagship and Alpha is limited to 720p HD display. Rest of the things is like flagship and the specifications and working does match the Galaxy S5. Many android fans like the design of Alpha and it would be reflected in the Galaxy S7 Specs too.

If we talk about the working with the gadget, it is pretty nice. Finally, we note omnivorous regular media player. It knows a lot of common video and audio. So much so that even the installation of third-party player may not be required, which is rare. It is strange that in “Samsung” is not particularly emphasize what Galaxy Alpha – one of the few smartphones that support LTE-Advanced (LTE Cat. 6), that is, in theory, able to receive data at speeds up to 300 Mbit / s and give – up to 50 Mbit / s. If it is a merit Aplha new modem Intel XMM7260. This is not the first mobile modem from the American giant, but one of the best on the market today. It is interesting that Intel has created a competitive leader in the production of systems-on-chip on their home field – in RF modules – and immediately offered a solution far superior to most competitors. In terms of features Intel XMM7260 could compete with modems Qualcomm MDM935 – market leaders. But in Galaxy S7 there would be on Exynos chipset not Qualcomm, so it would be absent.

The advantages of the Intel solutions include support for aggregation of carrier frequencies up to 40 MHz combined bandwidth. Declared support technology Voice Over LTE (VoLTE). The modem supports more than thirty bands 3GPP and simultaneous implementation of the twenty-two ranges in a single device. XMM7260 implemented by a processor Intel X-GOLD 726 and transceiver Intel SMARTi 4.5. With a voice call device does well. Gadget securely holds the connection to the operator and does not lose it for any apparent reason. Stock volume of the earpiece is good – the interlocutor can hear, even if around quite noisy. Yes, and the sides of the bad hearing did not complain – the smartphone has active noise cancellation system, implemented using two microphones. Talking on the Galaxy Alpha is quite convenient – indisputable advantage of the compact smartphone. And you can expect more compactness with the Galaxy S7.

Yes Galaxy Alpha turned to be a compact phone but working of the phone is wide. A good solution but the price is the thing that may force you not to think about this phone, let’s see if Samsung will actually works on prices of upcoming phones like Galaxy S6, and if not S6 then if Samsung manages the price control till the Galaxy S7 release date then also it would be in favour of fans.

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