The Significance Of Bail Bonds

When an individual gets arrested, it is a frustrating process. The purpose of bail bonds are to give individuals who have been arrested provisional freedom until the time of his or her trial. Bail bonds can help leverage civil liberties to those who have little money because it enables them to be released from incarceration without having to post a large amount of money for bail.

The Details of Bail and the Process

The definition of bail is when a cash security deposit or bond is given for the release of an individual who has been arrested. In the case a bail bondsman is acquired, he or she is the individual who acts as the one who signs the bail bond for the defendant’s release. The bail bondsman is also the individual who the arrestee is released to when he or she is discharged from jail.

When an individual is arrested, he or she will be taken to the police station and booked, which is when a law enforcement officer records information about the individual arrested. In the case the crime was not serious, an individual may be able to post bail right after being booked. For serious crimes, an individual will have to wait until a judge will decide if bail is an option, which is usually around 48 hours.

The amount of bail that must be posted is based on factors that include if the individual arrested has a past criminal history, the seriousness of the crime the individual is accused of committing, and if there are any previous warrants against the individual. Another factor that can determine the amount of bail is if an individual has any connection to his or her community such as if he or she is employed with a steady job or has family in the area. Ties to the community will help a judge determine if an individual is at a high risk for fleeing the area.

What Information is needed for a Bail Bond?

In order to receive a bond from a bail bond service, an individual will need to know certain facts about the person who has been arrested. In most cases, a close friend or family member will contact a bail bond agent to get the process started. An individual will need to know facts, which include:

  • The full name and date of birth of the individual who has been arrested.
  • The date the arrest occurred.
  • The amount of bail that is required.
  • The name and location of the jail where the individual is being held.

The Importance of a Bail Bondsman

When using a bail bond service, a bail bondsman will give a bond amount to the court with a guarantee that an individual will show up for future court dates. Many individual do not have sufficient funds to post a bail or own enough equity needed for a bond.

A bail bondsman is an expert in his or her field that is accustomed to working with the jail system and is able to get an individual out of jail quickly. Professional bail bondmen provide a financial security that guarantees an individual will appear in court. These professionals can be extremely helpful in the case someone was wrongly accused. For those who want to get back to their normal routine, such as school or work, a bail bondsman can help.

John Keefe is an avid blogger and professional bail bondsman in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. John is passionate about sharing information through his online blogs and provides OKC bail bonds services to his local community while working with C & K Bail Bonds.

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