6 Reasons Why You Don’t Need Cloud CRM Software

Everywhere you look there is someone talking about the wonders and benefits of cloud CRM software and you may have just about had enough of it. There are a lot of reasons why you may feel that there are no CRM benefits of interest to your company because you are convinced it isn’t relevant to your process and operations. Here are the most common reasons why people think CRM isn’t an option for them, and the reality of why it may be just what they need to improve their productivity and boost customer satisfaction.

Reason #6 – My Employees Don’t Want To Learn A New Program

You have seen the eye rolling and heard the complaints about the last time a new program was switched into the business and you can just imagine the reaction to this one. The difference is that CRM isn’t really a new program, but a new way of using the programs you already know. It puts one interface over all of your components, explains Repair Eagle. This may even be the way to get some of your poorly adopted programs in use as CRM can put the programs into context with other applications.

Reason #5 – My Customers And Clients Won’t Use It

Your customers and clients are already using cloud CRM software in just about all of their online interactions. What they really may be wondering is why your company has a process that is so difficult to use. Customer surveys show that the ease with which they can handle their own shipping and returns information influencing their satisfaction level with a company. If you want to keep your customers you have to meet them where they are, and that’s using CRM.

Reason #4 – It’s No Different From What I Do Now

Yes, customer relationship management has been a core factor of business for decades. You may even look at all the features and program integrations and already be using them as individual components now. The question is, are you using them efficiently? CRM solutions promote productivity, efficiency and relevancy in how your company handles its business.

Reason #3 – It’s Too Expensive

Cloud CRM software is priced according to user account levels. In fact, many of the largest and most successful companies use freeware versions of CRM. The average budget for CRM cost ranges from $0 to well into the hundreds per month – in other words, everyone on any size budget can access CRM benefits.

Reason #2 – It’s Not Safe

You want your data to be as secure and safe as any bank, right? Surprise, all the banks are using cloud CRM. That is how your account access is powered from your phone or on the Internet. If it is safe enough for them, it is safe enough you.

Reason #1 – I’m Too Small To Get Any Benefit From CRM

Any business of any size can benefit from CRM, but small businesses can find that having cloud CRM systems in place can be essential to their success. The CRM benefits allow you to streamline your processes, save time in handling customer and client interactions while also speeding up your response time and making your responses more relevant. When you add in the ability to manage finances better and create more accurate reporting – your small business needs CRM more than anyone else.

What You Really Need To Do

What you really need to do is examine why you aren’t viewing cloud CRM software as a potential tool to improve productivity and organization. The answer may come in just seeing that the idea of adding yet another program to the mix may be welcomed by staff as they are looking for ways to get things done better. What you may see as an end problem to them may be a process problem. When it comes to CRM it is always better to include as much input from the people that do your customer relationship management before excluding a potential tool from use.

Making Sure Adoption Rates Are High

When you read complaints from companies that have tried to use CRM software and not had success there are usually two things that have gone wrong for them. The first is that they did not do a test period in which they also sought and weighed feedback from the test group. That is what will tell you which parts of the CRM are intuitive and where you really need to provide training to get people to be comfortable using the system, says a helpful article by Techno Central.

The second reason people have issues with cloud CRM is they misunderstood the amount of user access that they need. If you have 35 people using the system but have only signed up for access for 25 then the program will be slow and hard to use. A good practice is to always plan for 10-percent more user access accounts then you presently need to handle growth. That growth may come from your company discovering that more departments can use the CRM program than originally thought.

If You Still Aren’t Sure Use A Trial Period

If you still aren’t sure if cloud CRM software is something that will deliver a lot of benefits to your customers and your company, try it. There are enough free versions available, and free full feature demos that you can give cloud CRM solutions a test run to see if it would make a difference in your productivity and customer satisfaction ratings. To do this well you need to commit to at least 30 days of using the program, assemble a test group and then ask for feedback when they are done. That is how you will really learn what you need in a cloud CRM software program to make it work for your company. Even if you still decide that you don’t need CRM solutions, you will have benefited from having done a 30 day intensive assessment of your processes that can help you to further streamline your business too.

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