Why Your Children Will Benefit from Early Swimming Lessons

Swimming is a unique sport in that it doubles up as a life skill and a fantastic way to stay fit and have fun. It is absolutely vital for children to learn how to swim as early as possible, but despite wide campaigns across the world, there are still far too many drownings. Death by drowning is one of the leading causes of infant death and is all too often avoidable.

Parents and the Role of Early Lessons

Schools have a role to play in providing swimming lessons to children, but a lot of parents are now choosing to start their little ones at a far earlier stage and enroll them at a private swimming school when they are tots. Specialist swimming instruction schools such as Aqua Tots exist to provide top-quality swimming instruction at private schools across the world, with classes beginning from babies upwards.

Parents will find that there is a suitable swimming school in the Middle East, with high-quality, warm and specialist facilities for little children and their parents. The lessons are designed to be fun and supportive so that little ones learn how to be confident and safe in the water and pick up vital skills for buoyancy, breathing, mobility and movement in water. Swimming classes for tots upwards are also suitable for differently abled children and are designed to be inclusive.

You will be amazed at how confident even the youngest children can become when they are introduced to water at a young age and in the right environment. With specialist teaching and a coaching programme that helps them develop skills at their own pace and in a fun atmosphere with their parents, children can become very confident swimmers and learn not to be afraid when they are in water. Young babies may start with splashing and bubble blowing, and there will be plenty of games for everyone to enjoy at that age. Older children will have full access to the flotation devices that they need to grow their skills in a fun, rapidly progressive way. Courses run in the evenings, on the weekends and during the school holidays, opening up opportunities for families to swim and enjoy leisure time together in the future.

Knowing the Risks

Water safety is also taught to children as they get older, and help is given to educate parents on the risks. For example, one of the biggest risks, especially in hotter countries, is unattended outdoor pools. These risks can be vastly mitigated by having secure pool covers and gates to prevent children from walking into the area and trying to access the water on their own.

To find out more about swimming lessons for your babies, toddlers and younger children, contact your nearest Aqua Tots centre and find out which classes and courses are on offer. The investment you make now will be a superb one for your child’s health and wellbeing, fitness, social skills, and above all, safety.

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