Whois Online Data and Its Domain Availability Lookup Service

Whois API produces resources that have features to enable advance search facilities using which the one can explore the results effectively. Whois also offers the reverse whois lookup option, another extremely popular functionality among users. A whois domain name lookup tool has been provided by WhoisApi that allows a user to check the availability of a domain name in an online database. These returned results are actually information regarding domain availability in formats like XML and JSON. These online whois data in XML & JSON are actually well-parsed information.

Whois domain name lookup service is unimaginably fast and allows one to look up scores of domain names. The first 100 lookups are absolutely free. The results that flash on your screen are reliable and accurate. The tool does the job for you pretty efficiently and provides exactly the same data the user wants. The data comes with a graphical interface that’s extremely convenient and user-friendly. This offers the user a more controlled reporting pertinent to his needs.

The tool has a number of applications. Some use it to track domain names registered by companies, others avail this service to find for themselves a domain name not already existing. It is also used as a means for detecting fraudulence, locating spammers, and study web data. The whois domain tool may be used when you want to locate a user’s geographical location or follow web traffic trends and the trends of online business growth.

Using this tool, you can have certain valuable details like the date of expiry for the domain. But that doesn’t help much as you will not be able to register the expired domain under your name as the domain gets automatically renewed. This is an attempt by whois to help customers retain their domains.

It’s a must for the registrar to keep records of the whois database. Whois domain availability check tool plunges deep into this repository of data to extract the information required. Application programming interface (API) can also be used for undertaking database related researches. While the information gets filtered out, reports on whois database can be generated by the applications. These reports are very useful. Whois API webservice subscriptions can be made so that your application receives whois fields that are essentially well parsed. Formats such as XML and JSON are used for this purpose also.

Whois domain search tool is a service worth availing for business owners. A business cannot succeed without a great website. When you get a website created, you think of the best domain name for it and feel happy thinking about the creativity and uniqueness you have tried to put into it. But when you find out using a domain name search tool that it’s no more available for use, you get a little disheartened. To avoid such circumstances, its best to think of an out-of- the-box name, unique in all its senses.

This is the best way to avoid unnecessary inconvenience that could be caused upon discovering that you will be required to look for another domain name for your website.

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