Top 5 CMS Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

Top 5 CMS Trends To Watch Out For In 2017

The better you are able to engage your audience with content, the higher is your chance of being a successful and sustainable brand, one that is responsive and keeps consumers at the forefront. Now, with the world going digital, consumers need to be presented with content, different yet the same in a number of channels. That’s where content management systems can really come in handy, allowing you to easily create, publish and manage content across any number of channels.  Here are 5 top trends in Content Management Systems that will rule in 2017 and beyond:

Measuring Content Effectiveness

You simply cannot stop at simply publishing your content. It is equally important to measure how you content is performing. You need metrics to gauge performance of how well you content has been successful in engaging the audience, what works and what needs to be changed. Measuring content effectiveness will be one of the top priorities of 2017 and beyond. As simple as it sounds, it is quite a challenge for marketers to effectively measure their content performance. 2017 will more and more technologies erupting that will provide ways for content creators, publishers and the management to understand content effectiveness. It is important to move beyond vanity measures such as page views or hits to gauge how well your content resonates. Companies need to go above and beyond basic measures and take stock of metrics that reflect audience engagement and conversion prospects.

Mobile Content Management

As more and more users are transitioning from desktops and laptops to mobile devices, this mode needs to be the centre of focus for tomorrow’s content management needs. As people move outside their office, and become, the need for unlimited and unrestricted access to real time information becomes all the more important. With mobile content management systems in place, the company can do away with physical barriers and focus on disseminating information to consumers, employees and partners more quickly and in a consistent manner.  . Mobile content management will thus be a prime focus.

The Content World will go Hybrid

Although a Cloud based content management system is convenient and easy to use, from anywhere, any place, but it can pose security threats for vital and sensitive business information. Thus, to overcome this challenge, companies, in 2017 will focus on implementing hybrid solutions that allow the benefits of the cloud while keeping all sensitive information firmly secured on a local server.

Consumers have been seen to be more attracted towards videos and other such interactive content rather than plain information. A study by Cisco confirms this fact by concluding that 67% of all content consumption will be video-based by the year 2017. Companies need not invest too much in making high-end videos, rather the time calls for user generated, crowd-sourced content. Thus in 2017, content management systems need to make it easy for contributors to embed videos in webpages, regardless of which video platform is used. In addition, the automatic syndication of videos from social media channels will become a mandate.

Doing away with Redundancy

2017 is all about seeing Content Management Solution as a repository or more of a data warehouse that allows you to publish content to as many different platforms and in as many different formats as you need to. It is not just a tool used to enter content but rather as a way to maintain consistency in your messaging across different platforms, enabling you to better manage your content, present it in different forms to different audience, thus ensuring higher engagement across a number of channels. All this without the hassle of using multiple systems for different channels. The mantra is: ‘Create once and publish everywhere’.

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