Summer Skin Care In 9 Easy Steps

Summer Skin Care In 9 Easy Steps

The summer is a period you get to experience the sun and high temperatures. Most people like spending most of their time outdoors engaging in activities they love. Although summer is meant to be time for fun, the sun can ruin the fun by damaging your skin. Some common sun damages include wrinkles, premature skin aging, dry skin, skin cancer and marks. To help you enjoy the summer and get through it safely, here are 9 easy steps to take care of your skin during summer.

1. Stay Away from Direct Sunlight

Your skin and the sun will never be good friends. Staying outdoors for long periods during the summer increases the possibility of skin cancer among other harmful effects. The UV rays from the sun are dangerous to the skin and should be avoided at all costs. According to experts, UV rays are at their peak during the day from 10AM to 3PM. Therefore, it is advisable to stay indoors during this period of the day.

2. Buy a Gentle Cleanser

It is important to buy a gentle cleanser to use during summer. Always test your cleansers prior buying to ensure that you are buying the right product. Your dermatologist will recommend some quality cleansers for your skin type. In addition, you can read reviews online and discover some of the best cleansers available in the market. Always buy your cleansers from renowned brands.

3. Wear Protective Clothing

Today, there are various clothes that provide UV protection. Consider buying such clothes from fashion stores and outdoor stores and wear them during summer. You may need to wear a hat to protect your skin from too much sunlight exposure. Sunglasses can also help protect the sensitive skin around your eyes from the harmful UV rays, which cause cataracts and melanomas to the eyes and fast aging to the soft skin around the eyes. Choose protective clothes that are made using fabrics that don’t scratch or itch.

4. Wear Sunscreen

Sunscreen for face is a great way to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays from the sun. Be wise when choosing your sunscreen and ask from your health provider for assistance if need arise. Some sunscreens are specially designed for people with particular skin types; make sure you are buying the right product. For the best sunscreen protection, ensure you buy products that have SPF30 and above.

5. Ditch your Tanning Obsession

Sunbathing during summer increases the risk of skin cancer and other forms of skin damage. Additionally, sunbathing greatly contributes to skin dehydration and wrinkling. Be on the lookout for fake tans, which contain dangerous chemicals that may adversely affect your skin. It is important to note that, the black skin is also at risk of damages from the sun. Although it may be difficult to note any damage, it is there and it is important to stop your tanning obsession even if you have black skin.

6. Drink a Lot of Water

It is wise to keep your skin hydrated all the time. Dehydration leads to frown-lines, dry skin, sluggish complexion and spots. Ensure you drink sufficient water throughout the day mostly each time you have a meal. Water plays the role of skin hydration and flushes toxins out from your body that interfere with your beautiful complexion.

7. Eat Healthily

Healthy foods mean healthy skin. The summer is an opportune period to make positive dietary adjustments. Stop taking refined processed foods and minimize your sugar intake. These lead to unbalanced sugar levels in the blood leading to premature aging. Consider eating vegetables and fruits in plenty. In addition, include some whole grains in your diets such as the ancient grains. Yogurt is healthy and you should consider adding it to your diet as well. However, ensure that it is free from sugar and natural.

8. Rinse your Skin After Swimming

If you swim in a chlorinated environment, it is advisable to properly rinse your skin using fresh water. This is because chlorine is known to dry the skin and it can result to allergic reactions to some people. A dry skin is more prone to damages from the sun.

9. Avoid Perfume Spraying in the Sun

Sprays contain a wide range of chemicals some of which can result to permanent skin staining if they come into contact with your skin in the presence of sunlight. Consider spraying your clothes rather than the skin during summer.


Summertime is a period when your skin is more susceptible to a wide range of dangers from the sun. However, with proper skin protection, it is possible to stay away from these dangers. This is the period your skin requires advanced skin care than ever before.

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