Why Get Stuck In One Position When C-Arm Tables Can Offer More

So, are you looking for a C-Arm? Well, you will be glad to know that there are numerous options out there and you are sure to find one, which will match your requirements, in the best possible way. There are new as well as refurbished C-Arms available in the market today. All you have to do is call a dealer and book one for yourself.

However, while deciding a particular type of C-Arm, you also need to consider the kind of C-arm table you’ll need. Yes, there are many different types of C-Arm tables. The type of table you select highly depends on the procedures you have to perform. Confused? Don’t be.

Simply keep on reading to know what types of C-Arm tables are available in the market these days, and choose the one that meets your needs. Also, you can get it touch with pacific health USA center, to acquire more knowledge about which C-Arm table will be ideal for the services offered by you.

Why Get Stuck In One Position When C-Arm Tables Can Offer More

C-Arm Tables:

There are generally three types of C-Arm tables – Fixed-Height, Adjustable and Vascular. All the tables have their own characteristics and are ideal for different procedures.


Well, as the name describes, this table is just like any other normal table with 4 legs and wheels. It has padded surface on the top to give patients a comfortable feel. This table cannot be adjusted in anyway. This is an ideal option if you don’t have to move your patients much. Also, if you can possibly just move and adjust your C-Arm, then this table will just work fine for you.

Adjustable C-Arm Table

Again, as the name suggests, this table can be adjusted in different ways. Using this table, you can actually get your patient in the exact position you want. In this category, there are many sub categories, since there are different ways in which you can move such type of table.

Generally, these sub categories are described numerically. For instance, if the table can only be moved in 1 way, it will be either named 1 or 100. Similarly if it can be moved in 2 ways, it will be named as 2 or 200. So, basically the number of ways in which the table can be moved will be its name. Here we have listed the 4 most common types of movements which are usually done.

1. Height Adjustment: In this type of table you can adjust the height of the table.

2. Lateral Tilt: This movement will help you tilt the table from side to side.

3. Trendelenburg Tilt: With this movement, you can tilt the table from foot to head.

4. Move: Longitudinal Travel: With this move, you can move the table from top head to foot over the central column.

Vascular C-Arm Table

This type of table has a free floating tabletop. This will enable diagonal movements, which are very different when compared to any other table. The tabletop can glide in numerous positions and can be locked as well.

By now you are surely a C-Arm table expert and can buy one easily. However, if you have any further questions, you can always take the manufacturer’s advice.

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