Top 5 Delicious Chicken Recipes

Indian food is famous across the world especially chicken, because of its unique mixture of spices that make chicken a delightful dish. Chicken cooked with Indian herbs and spices flavors are the best option for all non-vegetarians because of its healthy ingredients and delicious taste. People can browse the web for delightful and healthy chicken recipes.

Top 5 Delicious Chicken Recipes

Chicken can provide multiple benefits to the body as 100 grams of chicken have almost thirty nutritional elements.  Chicken is also a great source of protein. People like skinned chicken as it has maximum fat. Though to complete the need of individuals, here we have a list of some delicious chicken dishes which are easy to make and less expensive. Malvani chicken recipe, Amritsari Murgh Makhni, Teekha Murg, Murg MalaiWala, Kerela chicken roast and spicy tang kadhai chicken.

  1. Amritsari Murgh Makhni: Amritsari Murgh Makhni is an authentic Punjabi dish. This is a delicious dish with the simple ingredients. To make the dish one only need pure ghee, fresh cream, and some spices or herbs. This is one of the most award-winning dishes prepared with boneless chicken and cream gravy. Tomatoes give a balanced taste to the dish.
  2. Malvani Chicken: This is a most popular dish around the world. This is a dish from the coastal region of Maharashtra and Goa.  There is a town by the name of Malvan. Malvani cooking is well-known for its peppery proportion and its preferred ingredient “Coconut.” People like to prepare it with fresh coconut from Konkan area.  The combination of coconut gravy and spicy masala make the malvani chicken recipe a popular dish.
  3. Teekha Murg: As the name defined, people who love spicy food can go for this fantastic and exotic dish. This is a Mughlai recipe; people use to make in the month of festivals.  It is perfect for a stomach-filling diet for the reason that it has rich ingredients. Teekha murg is an easy Indian chicken recipe that can be made in just one hour. The positive point of the dish is all the ingredients and spices are readily available in the market.
  4. Murg Malaiwala: Murgmalai-Wala is a rich and creamy iggeryd dish from the Indian preparations. A delightful chicken recipe made with no oil and ghee.  In this recipe, chicken is cooked in the milk with the mixture of mild spiced masala and saffron. This is also a traditional dish in Chennai. The dish is best when served with hot butter naan and jeera rice.
  5. Spicy Tang Kadhai Chicken: This recipe is the mixture of sweet and spicy. Chicken cooked with spices and iggery makes it a mouth-watering dish. People like to cook it on low flame to give time to absorb the entire flavor in the chicken. Lemon juice is the main ingredient of the dish to give it a tangy taste. One must try this dish at least once in a lifetime.

Chicken can be used in many ways to make healthy and delicious dishes. Indian community can get these flavors easily in a home kitchen.

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